How much of an upgrade is the D7500 from D3400 ?

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Re: How much of an upgrade is the D7500 from D3400 ?

Swift One wrote:

As just said, overall image quality is going to be the same. However, you have a chance to "improve" your image to speak.. because of the features that you will gain with the 7500. A much better AF system means more keeper shots. AF Fine Tune means a sharper lens, which would mean more keeper shots. This was a big deal for me with my Nikon 50 1.8 moving from the 5300 to the 7500. My 50 was not so hot on the 5300. It's very sharp on my 7500 after I did the AF fine tune.

When you upgrade from one DX to another, its generally because of features on the upgrade that make life a bit easier. I would assume that the upgrade to a 7500/ 500 would make bird photography better because of the buffer rate and faster AF. The gain of more external controls on the 7200, 7500, and 500 means less menu diving and more focus on what you are shooting. U1 and U2 (custom user settings) have been a great thing for me. I miss my fully articulating screen on the 5300. That slight loss of MP on the 7500 compared to the 5300 has not been an issue at all. I just printed a 30"x40" canvas for a client that looked outstanding.

It's about gaining features when you move from one camera to the next when you stay in DX.

Some really good points. Its said that in case of wildlife, you have 3 sec to get your shot, A well built camera not only gives you the oppertunity to seize that 3 sec (Precise AF, Good Dynamic Range) but also to stretches that (5 fps/8 fps/10 fps/12 fps)

Fine tuining is a good feature to have. Its like having my option open if needed. In that context, since you have done fine tuining, I know It helps in focus accuracy, but does it help in terms of focus speed ?

I m concerned about the slow AF speed in my Tammy 150-600 G1, Man, it has made me miss SOME shots..!! Or is it just my camera's AF module, not capable enough to run a "third-party, Super-telephoto, BIG lens" ??

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