How much dof can you get with a large aperture on a PC lens?

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Re: Measure with a micrometer, cut with an axe.

Michael Benveniste wrote:

BillW1204 wrote:

Do you recommend a particular CoC for depth of field calculations? Assume a high resolution camera like a D850 or Z7, with photos viewed on a high resolution screen like a 27” retina screen iMac or printed say 13x19. The apps I use also factor diffraction into the calculation. I have been using 0.015 mm on the assumption it was “safer” to use a higher standard than 0.030 mm.

If you're doing the computations ahead of time, I suggest you think about how you expect people to view the shot. For example, in a group portrait, people tend to "zoom in" on individuals in the shot in addition to viewing the shot as a whole. So you may want to choose a smaller CoC than for, say, a waterfall shot, where people are taking in the scene as a whole. On the other hand, if the composition draws the eye to a particular feature, and that feature has fine detail (such as a sign), then you should consider focusing on that feature rather than at the hyperfocus distance.

On the 27" retina screen I'm writing this on, the background shot is of the tall ship Esmeralda. For that shot, 0.015mm would have been a better choice, because viewers try to see how much detail there is in the rigging and individual sailors on a 371 foot long ship. My home monitor is a 27" Benro with similar specs; there I use a shot of (IIRC) Plug Hat Butte. For that shot, 0.030mm would have sufficed.

As for diffraction, different people prefer different workflows. Except for close-up still life shots where I could use focus stacking, my general reaction is "damn the diffraction -- full speed ahead!" If the composition requires f/16 or whatever to get the shot I want, I'll set f/16 and worry about MTF and display size later.

Thank you.  Makes sense.  Also agree that if you need depth of field, may be better to live with some diffraction.

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