Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

MSullivan wrote:

j_photo wrote:

Just shoot manual shutter, manual aperture, with auto-iso. No big deal.

I think the OP wants the shutter speed to float at 1/250 or higher, depending on available light, but never go below 1/250.

He also wants to fix the aperture at maximum because he shoots through a window in a dark tunnel with too low maximum ISO...

If he switches to M the shutter speed is locked, so if light increases to the point where ISO can't go any lower then the pics will be overexposed (which can't be recovered).

Yes. But his settings and approach is wrong to start with.

Using A mode with minimum shutter solves most of the problem, but when light gets really low it sounds like minimum shutter is being ignored.

Step one: select the right mode. Step two: configure the camera for the actual situation. Step three: don't shoot action trough moving car with dirty windscreens in a dark tunnel.

Probably the only solution is to remove the max ISO cap.

It's a good start. There is no reason at all to keep the low maximum ISO, especially not in darkness. There is zero benefit in doing that, especially if you want to avoid motion blur.

Photography is full of compromises. You have to adjust your camera for the changing conditions, don't ever expect ANY camera to have direct connection to your brains, that's not going to happen.

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