Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

michaeladawson wrote:

j2scriba wrote:

The strange disregard for minimum shutter speed pretty much spoils this feature. Underexposure can be fixed in post, blurred pictures cannot. Am I the only one who thinks that "No" (as in "No longer exposure than I specified") should really mean "No" in this setting?

Strange disregard? Spoils it? For who? You, not me.

Based on the responses in this topic the working causes different expectations which on itself is a sign that the current working and and wording in the menu offers too much room for different expectations.
For me personally, from a UI perspective, the 'disregard' remark is valid. No one claims that the same should hold for you.

The user get's offered a menu to set a minimum shutter speed. The whole menu and wording like minimum and maximum suggests a hard threshold (at least from my personal perspective when using an UI). However, a sentence in the manual makes clear, that those aren't actually hard thresholds. (something I wasn't aware of)
Also, when checking the info buttom in the auto iso menu, nothing suggests that the camera will/can choose to override the minimum shutter speed, which would be a relevant warning/information.

It works the way I expect it to work. Why would I want the camera to start taking underexposed photos?

Apparantly different users have different styles of shooting or workarounds. You want the camera to prevent underexposed image by all means. That's fine as your preference.
When specifically in A prio with auto iso I'd prefer a camera to underexpose indicating to me that I need to change settings and either decide to increase iso or whether a slower shutter speed could still be enough to prevent blurring. Simply different user requirements and way of shooting. That should be fine, right?
Where using manual with auto iso works for some, for others it not flexible enough or does not provide a suitable workaround.
For instance, for me personally I'd prefer the camera to override the ISO threshold first instead of the minimum shutter speed. I'd rather have a bit more grain then bluring.
Other might be fine with the opposite. It would at least make sense to have a user select that preference instead of hard coded.
Again, as also mentioned in another post, I don't think the current working has caused problems for me as far as I have noticed, but now knowing this regarding the minimum shutter override I'm only saying that at least give the user that option in the auto iso menu would be fair.

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