What to invest in for longer term thinking?

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What to invest in for longer term thinking?

Hello all - I've been a photo enthusiast for a few years now, beginning in the Nikon D40 era. I used to own the D40 (wish I never sold it!), and eventually upgraded to a Canon 70D, and when it was time to upgrade that I dabbled in Sony for awhile but ultimately came back to Nikon.

The D40 was great to learn on, and when I upgraded it Canon was good for hybrid use, but a few years later when it was time for an upgrade and I didn't see it with them. During this phase of my photography I never had enough money for more than the kit lenses and a cheap prime. Sony A6300 was portable and certainly an upgrade in features but I found the JPEG files to be odd looking sometimes and wanted to still own a DSLR as part of my "system".

Flash forward to today, I own a Nikon Z6 and D850 with lots of lenses, and I struggle sometimes to decide what to keep in the longer term. My current kit with each item's rationale is the following:

D850 - Amazing resolution, sensor, durability, weather sealing, built in negative converter, silent time lapse, 4k, action autofocus

Z6 - portability, ibis, video, durability and weather sealing, silent time lapse, 4k, eye-af, new compact lenses

F Mount:

24-120 f4 - general purpose, travel, etc.

20 1.8G - I sold my 14-24 recently for this. Smaller, faster, good IQ for landscapes and astro, but not as wide, but have 14-30 f4 S.

50 1.8g - general purpose. rarely used.

50 1.4D - use with my f100, sometimes with d850.

85 1.8G - portrait

200-500 - wildlife, aviation

70-300 af-p - travel telephoto, fast AF

60 2.8 micro - macro and for film negative conversions with the nikon negative holder kit

Z Mount:

24-70 f4 - portable kit lens.

14-30 f4 - compact, landscapes, etc

35 1.8s - nice fast prime for general use

I used to have a 70-200 2.8 version 1 but I sold it in anticipation of an eventual upgrade.

Here's my concerns. I love the D850, but its not used as much. I use it for action, wildlife, high resolution, and the negative conversions. It's not as much of a daily use camera. I want a dslr because I like the experience and native access to f lenses, but sometimes I wonder if the D850 is too much investment right now moving forward. I love the z6 as a daily and a travel camera, but its autofocus tracking isn't sufficient for certain action situations. I don't NEED the negative conversion of the 850, I can use negative lab pro in lightroom off the raw files too.

Sometimes I think about downgrading it to a cheaper nikon DSLR, selling most of the f-mount lenses and getting a Sony for a second mirrorless camera with better AF and more native lenses. It seems like investing in any system's mirrorless lenses may be a smarter investment longer term than all these f-mount and f-mount gear. I have rented sony's and I like certain aspects (class leading mirrorless AF, native lenses) but I don't really enjoy using the cameras as much (user interface, "feel", JPEGs still aren't the best, less rugged weather sealing). But I love the 24 1.4gm and the new 200-600 looks amazing. Not really sure what I should do.

My question is, to maximize value over time would anyone recommend selling or downgrading some of my f-mount gear, and what would you switch it to and why?

Perhaps I should just realize that no matter what systems I own, theres always going to be upgrades involved so I shouldn't concern myself too much with investing in "older" stuff that still expensive right now, but that said, its still something I would like to minimize. A person could spend an awful lot right now on F-mount gear that while excellent and usable for many years will become obsolete soon.

Canon EOS 70D Nikon D40 Nikon D850 Nikon Z6 Sony a6300
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