Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: In the manual

Horshack wrote:

"Shutter speeds may drop below the selected minimum if optimum exposure cannot be achieved at the ISO sensitivity chosen for Maximum sensitivity."


Ah, guess I should have RTFM then;-)

The advices to choose manual are appreciated but won’t be the workaround for my specific application of A prio with auto iso for certain situations.

While I still find it odd (even though it’s in the manual) that such user settings are overriden, it has apparantly not led to images where it has actually and noticably affected my images.

But I do allready change/up the thresholds when going from day to evening for instance so I think that prevents the camera from going it’s own way.

The camera also does not close the aperture in A mode when it leads to an overexposed image, so in that sense why ignore one user setting but uphold another if the camera sees A still as one of the auto modes.

I’d like to see an option offered where you can disable/disallow the camera from going lower then the chosen thresholds.

Other then that: @OP Thanks for making me aware so I can take it into consideration when using auto iso

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