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...At least nothing that even comes close to our diy designs.

This is the only diffuser I know of and if memory serves me correctly it didn't cut the hot spot out of the MT-24EX. Not the diffuser's fault though, the MT-24 doesn't really have a built in diffuser. The Fresnel plastic on the front of the flash heads is a joke.

I have the MT-26EX-RT version of Ian's diffuser on my desk and hope to field test it this weekend for a review. I expect it to perform better just because the MT-26 does have a built in diffuser that works, and the flash heads are a little bigger than the MT-24.

The only down side to the diffuser is that they are a little wider than I'd like them to be, so it's not possible to position the flash heads at 12 and 3 for a traditional key and fill effect, but I think I can get them close enough to get the shadow control that I want.

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