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Re: YN RF-603II vs Phottix Ares

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I have a D600, two Nikon SB80DXs and one SB25. I'm looking for kit to trigger the flashes remotely. I was recommended Yongnuo RF-603N II, I think primarily because the flashes are older and don't support TTL. Another brand I'm looking at is the Phottix Ares which is a bit more expensive but might be more reliable and durable. I would be grateful for any recommendations or advice concerning this. Thank you

Both the YN RF-603II and Phottix Ares are described in this Manual Trigger Gear Guide on

IMO the noteworthy distinctions to me between the two models are listed below but they may not be important to you. (I only have the RF-603II-N triggers so can't comment of any quirks the Ares may have.)

1. The RF-603II are transceivers while the Ares are dedicated TX and RX units. Transceiver units offer more redundancy should a unit fail. Having only a single TX unit would make me nervous.

2. Should you desire to remotely trip your camera's shutter while using off-camera flash the RF-603II units have an advantage. They include a remote shutter circuit that is independent from their flash circuit allowing a single unit in the camera's hot-shoe to function as both a TX of flash triggering and as RX for remote shutter operation on a single RF channel. This feature is convenient for static situations because I like the freedom to fire the tripod mounted camera remotely.

With the Ares additional gear is needed to have remote shutter when using the Ares for flash. If this is another pair of Ares TX/RX units they need to be on a different channel from your flash Ares. Otherwise you could just use any of the many remote shutter outfits currently available .

I am satisfied with my 2 pr of YN RF-603II triggers for Nikon for my occasional off-camera flash work as a hobbyist. I especially like the fact that they integrate well with the YN 560-TX and my three YN 560III speedlights.

Operation of the side switch on the RF-603II triggers is somewhat confusing. The newer RF-605 triggers from YN incorporate an LCD interface which I expect would be better. The RF-650 Is described in the linked Gear Guide also.

Unfortunately at the RF-603II price point there are some defective units in the supply chain so I recommend purchasing from a vendor with a easy return policy.

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The Cactus V6 v1 can remotely control the power of the SB80DX flashes (and possibly the SB25).  I have used both together, and they work very well.  Cactus V6 is a transceiver, switchable between transmitter and receiver.  I highly recommend them.  They will work with a number of flash models; and you can mix/match in a given setup.  I still use them with Nikon, Olympus, and Quantum flashes.

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