Ideal Amateur Birding Setup - D500/500PF vs new combo: A9/200-600

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Re: Ideal Amateur Birding Setup - D500/500PF vs new combo: A9/200-600

Bill, thanks so much for your thoughtful response - I guess I was using the term amateur in a different way - I am not a professional photographer, but I am also not a novice photographer - so I thought the appropriate term was amateur. Maybe should have used the term enthusiast as that is perhaps more of what I’m trying to say. Bottom line is that despite the fact that I think I have the experience to use advanced systems, I really can’t justify buying a >$10K 600 F4 lens given I make no money off my photos, so I was looking for the ideal system/setup if we’re ruling that out. I thought that with about a $5K budget, two candidates were these two combos (D500/500PF or A9/200-600). Sad part is that it seems I can’t really get either lens any time soon... so at least I have time to think about it! Too bad it doesnt’ seem that I can change the post title, or I would to make it more clear: “Ideal Birding Setup for Enthusiast”

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