Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

Peter v.d Werf wrote:

vockman wrote:

Auto Iso, only makes senses to me in manual mode and it works great on the Z. Other wise you have two auto functions going on and it is hard to figure it out.

Interesting topic, I just switched from a d750 to z6 and wonder if the behaviour changed or simply went unnoticed for me on the d750 or prior models.

Behavior should be the same. It was on my D7200.

In case I understood the OP correctly then I share the OP’s expectations. That the camera should honor the hard limits that have been set by the user. Otherwise whats the use of setting these limits. So no higher iso then ‘max iso’ and no slower shutter then minimum shutter speed. If that ends up with a too dark image then it’s up to me to manually increase the thresholds. Which in my case is mostly upping the iso because i’d rather have that then subject blurring.

If that's what you or the OP want, you need to switch to manual mode. In the semi-auto modes, the camera will always try to achieve a good exposure, and it will go below your min shutter limit to do that. Note different meters can make slight differences in exposure, i.e. matrix vs spot or highlight, as well as where the AF point is within the frame in combination with the selected meter (camera tends to prioritize exposure to where the AF point is looking at, even with matrix meter which evaluates the entire scene).

If you want to stay in a semi-auto mode, you need to dial in some negative exp compensation, so the camera doesn't need to go far below your min shutter setpoint to achieve a balanced exposure (you're basically telling the camera make my balanced exposure a -1EV or -2 EV, etc.). Otherwise, switch to manual, dial in your shutter speed, aperture and ISO, and capture whatever light those settings allow you to capture.

And between those values it’s up to the camera to figure the 2 auto functions out, that’s where I’d rely on camera logic.

Interesting to check my z6 for it’s behaviour.

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