G500: I like it!

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G500: I love it!

I have owned them all (D60, D30, S2, D100, G1, G2, G5, 990, 995, 5700, S400, 10D, KD-400Z, KD-500Z) and I tell you what, this Konica G500 is amazing. It just has this film like quality. Must be the great lens. Took some pictures last night of the Dallas skyline using the Manual feature and noise reduction. Incredible. Really don't know how this camera does it. Also, compared to the Canon S400, it has hardly any shutter lag and that is when using a flash. It can also focus much better in low light. I just pray that Minolta hangs on to the the very talented Konica engineers. Will post some pics taken with my new Minolta G500 soon. Here are some taken with the Konica KD-500:



http://exhibit3.com (I document which cameras I used)

McLean wrote:

I chose this camera for the near-prosumer features not usually
found on a point-and-shoot digital model (note the word "near-").
Having used a Canon FTBn-QL for years, I willingly gave up the bulk
of the 35mm format for something compact yet feature-rich. So far,
I'm a happy camper.

Complaints: None so far.

Positives: Metallic case; automatic cover for lens when not in use;
lightweight and easy to store in pocket; flash, aperture, and
shutter speed controls; intuitive menus; good cost-to-features
ratio; dual memory capability; continuous-exposure capability;
video and sound capabilities; multiple ISO settings; multiple image
quality settings; Minolta branding (for resale value).

Is it a better buy than a Konica KD-500z (or a Konica KD-510z)?
Can't say, since neither model was available for a live
side-by-side comparison. Not being a dedicated enthusiast, I'm not
sure if I'd even recognize the difference between "natural" and
"sharp" images. To my eye, the pictures produced (at default
settings, or with some adjusting) by the Minolta G500 are just fine.

Do I care that the casing is both brushed-metal and polished
chrome? Nope. I take care of my equipment and am not so picayunish
as to worry about a scratch here or there. (I used the Canon FTB-QL
for 25 years with no "brassing.")

Reccomendations: A good little camera for the user who wants a
compact platform for above-average point-and-shoot photography,
sturdy and feature-rich yet fairly simple to use.

Below is an un-retouched photo taken (around mid-day) at full zoom
of the valley floor and mountain at Squaw Valley, California. The
split-rail fence is about fifteen feet distance, the village about
one mile distance, and the top of the tallest peak nearly two miles
distance. You make the call.

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