Ideal Amateur Birding Setup - D500/500PF vs new combo: A9/200-600

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Re: Ideal Amateur Birding Setup - D500/500PF vs new combo: A9/200-600

krebnickel wrote:

Wondering your thoughts now that we have insight into the new Sony lenses. I've been saving up for a non pro (can't afford 600 4.0) setup for birding and I'm down to these two combos - they are fairly comparable in price, and I can think of some pros and cons on both sides. To me, at the highest level, the Nikon setup is like the fully evolved form of an old technology, so tried and true. The Sony setup is the future, with it's EVF WYSWYG and no blackout, amazing tracking, etc. but doesn't necessarily have the refined ergonomics and proven durability/reliability of the Nikon SLRs. Both setups are not ideal in low light situations which is actually important for early morning birding, but I really can't justify spending 17K to take pictures of birds for fun (I really can't justify spending 5K+ either but let's ignore that).

Will cross post in Sony, but welcome your thoughts.

As an aside, I've been a happy Fuji customer for a while, with an X-T3 and the 100-400 lens, which works great, but I just feel like it's a "jack of all trades" kind of camera and doesn't have glass with reach of either system or the super advanced features of Sony, and I've found that I don't want to take any of this heavy stuff around for everyday stuff (use my iPhone Xs - gasp) - and really want to focus my "serious" photography for wildlife/birding...

Thanks all.

Perhaps you should be comparing the 200-500 with the Sony lens, Looks like the Sony will be around double the price of the Nikon lens. The Sony A9  is FF and you have to crop heavily to get the same FOV of a DX body. If it was a A& with the AF asd speed of a A( it would be very different. Worst problem with the Sony is the body ergonomics with long heavy lenses, you need a good grip on the body to manoeuvre the combo when panning, both hands support the weight of heavy equipment,

A alternative which I myself have been considering for a lighter weight mirrorless setup is a Olympus E-M1X which has superb ergonomics and Panasonic 100-400mm lens. Apologies to my fellow Nikon users for suggesting this, but if you are changing systems you should look at all alternatives.

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