Thresher Sharks @ Malapascua (Philippines)

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Re: Thresher Sharks @ Malapascua (Philippines)

Walt Palmer wrote:

What ISO were you using at that depth? Any special post processing applied?


Underwater I normally shoot in manual mode with a floating ISO between 200-800 ISO.  However, after several days of not being too successful, due to the sharks staying away too far and visibility being rather bad, I changed strategy to shooting in shutter priority and extended the ISO float to 1000 ISO.  As you can see from the exif data, all pictures are shot at 1/125 of a second, ISO between 500 - 1000 and an aperture of f4.7 to f6.3, due to the lens not being a constant aperture lens.  A faster lens would have been of advantage here.  It might be also important to know that any artificial lighting (strobe/flash/video -light/dive lamp etc.) is absolutely forbidden at this location, due to the large eyes of the sharks being very light sensitive.  So, one has to work with the natural light available at about 5:30am - 6:30am and at around 25m depth.

Regarding the PP, I shot in JPEG & RAW, using the RAW for PP (obviously...) in Lightroom 6.14, so not the newest version (can't get myself to agree on these stupid subscription models).  There is a crop applied to basically all photos and some changes in the lighting settings and contrast.  I am further using a plug-in "dehaze" tool to get rid of the particles in the water.  However this leads to high noise and chroma noise, which I had to fight with quite some noise reduction and sharpening.  I prefer the pictures to be in colour, because of the shark's beautiful silver skin and I also don't want it to give a menacing / dangerous appearance, since they are just extremely graceful, elegant, non-dangerous animals, that deserve our protection.

Hope that answers your questions.

Thanks for watching and all the best,


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