A Leica M10 Review

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Re: A Leica M10 Review
  • David Kieltyka wrote:

In actual use I don't notice any difference in dynamic range characteristics between my M10 and Sony A7iii at "same" ISO settings. I treat ISO 200 as the M10's base ISO. The sensor has never been a limiting factor for me with either camera.


+1. And I have like 140 pairs of side by side RAW files of which I can post download links M10, α7R III, and Z7 with the same lens and I totally agree. I’d say the M10 is better than the other two in terms of DR range at ISO 200 to 640. The Sony starts to pull ahead above this in terms of color depth, DR, and noise but not materially until one gets to ISO 6400. At ISO 12800 it’s no contest. Also, it’s a myth that Leica is dishonest with the ISO. The EV difference to the Sony with the same lens is only about -0.2. See post #121 of one Sony reviewer who finally admits it here:


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