Thoughts: 70-300 AF-P vs Sigma 100-400

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BillW1204 Forum Member • Posts: 99
Re: Thoughts: 70-300 AF-P vs Sigma 100-400

I have the 70-300 mm AF-P FX lens and like it a lot.  I have used it on a D500, D810, D850 and also a Z7.  I find the results comparable from 80-300 with the results from my 80-400 mm Nikon zoom.  Focus is very fast (including on the Z7 with the FTZ) and the results sharp in my experience (at least when there is no operator error).  I do not have the Z6 body or the Sigma zoom.  I find myself taking the 70-300 as a nice light weight telephoto when I do not need a longer focal length, e.g., often for hiking or travel.  It also pairs nicely with my 500 mm PF lens (whether with one body or two), giving me one lens for more reach and one lens covering shorter focal lengths and giving me the flexibility of a zoom.

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