Ideal Amateur Birding Setup - D500/500PF vs new combo: A9/200-600

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Re: Ideal Amateur Birding Setup - D500/500PF vs new combo: A9/200-600

lokatz wrote:

Hi Krebnickel, Your question is too multi-faceted to give a complete answer, and personal preferences play a huge role here. I'll therefore simply list where I personally see the pros in either solution. I own the D500/500PF combo, so I'm somewhat biased, but have (to a degree) been envying Sony owners for a long time. Let's please keep in mind that some of this inevitably remains speculation until extensive tests of the new Sony lens are available.

Sony advantages:

- MUCH higher resolution means you get to crop more while still keeping usable images. Alternatively, you have the option to make prints at much larger sizes.

24 MP for Sony, 20.7 for Nikon, that is *not* much higher resolution.

- IBIS: In-body image stabilization performs very well on the a9. The Nikon 500 PF also stabilizes very well for an in-lens system, by IBIS has intrinsic advantages, as stabilization is generally easier to implement and works better the closer to the sensor you do it.

Can you elaborate on this? IBIS works by moving the sensor itself, maybe you mean that since in lens stabilisation takes place somewhere inside the lens, it works better? References?

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

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