If you were me what camera do you choose and Why?

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Re: If you were me what camera do you choose and Why?

kombizz0 wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Why would it be less complicated with fewer lenses to carry ? Is it because you would only have the kit lens ? I guess it's up to you whether you WANT to carry fewer lenses or you want to be able to use more ...

All the matter is the weight of these stuff. I would like to have one body (Sony A7RIi, or Sony A7RIii) and three lenses which one of them would be Sony SAL50F14.AE A Mount - Full Frame 50mm F1.4 Prime Lens and the other two lenses would be my old lenses, Minolta AF 200mm F2.8, Sigma Macro 105mm F2.8

Salaam brother.

I think you are getting confused by the different Sony cameras. This is easy to do!!

The Sony A7Rii and A7Riii - like the A7, A7ii and A7iii - are all mirrorless cameras. They are not DSLRs. None of your old lenses or the lenses you mention above will fit on these cameras without an adapter. Even though these cameras have "A" in their name, they do not use A mount lenses. Instead they have what is called "E" mount. As these are all full-frame cameras, the specific lenses are marked as "FE".


These cameras are similar to the Sony A6400, which you mention. Other cameras in this series are the A6000, A6300 and A6500. It is also a mirrorless camera like the A7 series (which are all full-frame), but has a smaller APS-C sized sensor. It can use the same FE lenses as the A7 series shown above, but also "E" series lenses, which are designed for the smaller sensor. Like the A7 series above, you would not be able to use your old lenses or something like the Sony SAL 50 f/1.4 A mount without an adapter.


If you want to use your old lenses without an adapter, you would need a DSLR like the Sony A77 (which is slightly different from a DSLR as it has a special translucent mirror and uses an electronic viewfinder - EVF - rather than an optical viewfinder - OVF - like DSLRs, but that doesn't matter too much for now). It is very confusing that Sony have the A7 and the A77, which are completely different types of camera, but that's just the way it is.


If it has A and then two or three numbers, it is an A mount (Alpha mount) camera and you can use your older lenses on it directly. If it has A and then one or four numbers, it is an E mount. Sony has made a lot of the A mount cameras, going back to 2006, but most of them are discontinued. Sony still lists the A77ii (or the SLT-A77ii to be more precise) and A68 (both APS-C sensors) and the full-frame A99ii among its current cameras, but has not released a new A mount camera for nearly three years.


I hope this clears up some of the confusion!

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