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Re: Tutorials DxO PhotoLab by the user

Ernie Misner wrote:

Pieloe wrote:

I didn't understand you come from NX2.

Do you know the history of Nik and control points? I have been using CP's for about 15 years. Silkypix I think originated them and licensed them to Nikon to use in it's CaptureNX1 and 2 software in about 2004 or so. The adjustment brush (both + and - ) has always worked with the control points. Then Nik purchased them (the patent) apparently and created the Nik plugins a few years later. I use Nik as a plugin to PS and can apply the control point edits with the adjustment brush in PS after the round trip.

This is a good summary 
In reply in your your original request, DxO has implemented Control Points in their Local Adjustment for ... Local Adjustment only.
I've read this misunderstanding for NX2 users.
New software, new habits


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