If you were me what camera do you choose and Why?

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Re: If you were me what camera do you choose and Why?

Whatever you get do yourself a favor and audition the cameras. You have to pay for whatever you get and live with your decision, not me or anyone else on this site.

EVF viewfinders range from awful to great, tending to scale with price. Looking through one indoors at a store can be a different experience than looking through it in bright sunlight. Polarized sunglasses?

Camera ergonomics vary widely. My experience has been that more often than not you will not discover what you dislike about a camera until you live with it.  Designers of smaller cameras seem to believe they have to find ways to mimic control systems of larger cameras and do so with varying degrees of frustration to the end user.

As such what a professional reviewer praises might seem nearly unusable to you.

Better lenses do not automatically make better pictures. Only you can decide if the investment in expensive glass makes sense given the way most images are processed (jpeg) and viewed (truncated pixel count on a low resolution low gamut monitor).

Small EVF cameras can be heavier than you might think and when you add a longer lens the overall weight is often not different than the equivalent larger camera form factor with worse physical balance, physics and gravity being what they are.

If you can audition side by side Sony, which you seem to be fond of, full frame and APS mirrorless you might be less, or more, enamored of the APS offerings.

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