If you were me what camera do you choose and Why?

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Re: If you were me what camera do you choose and Why?

kombizz0 wrote:

For many years I was a Minolta photographer and witnessed for many years the develoopment of digital technology in cameras, especially Sony cameras because as you know Minolta sold its product to Sony. Over the years I have bought different lenses for my Minolta Dynax 7 (Minolta APO tele-zoom 100-300, Minolta APO tele zoom 100-400 F4.5-6.7, Minolta AF 200mm F2.8, Sigma Macro 105mm F2.8, Sigma Flash EF-430). During this period of change I saved my birthday money for purchasing the Sony Alpha 7 and now have the means to buy any kind only for it's body or perhaps a good 50mm lens.

However, for some time I have been pre-occupied with a dangerous thought that bothers me. This thought says that instead of buying a DSLR Sony A7,

The A7 (and its variants) isn't a DSLR ...

why not buy a mid-range mirrorless camera, i.e. Sony A6400 because it is lighter in weight and less complicated with fewer lenses to carry compared with the Sony A7.

… it's mirrorless camera just like the A6400 but with a bigger sensor.

I can't understand why you think an A6400 would need less lenses than an A7. For comparable technical  quality of images you need good lenses; they'll be different for the A6400 but not necessarily fewer.

On the other hand I would like to have a complete camera that has diversity for taking different tasks from portrait, landscape, to macro, etc

The A6400 with suitable lenses will do all of that. The only practical difference is that if you want your portraits to have really thin DOF, in which case the A7 would be better.

So I am asking if you were me, which thought would you listen to and why?

Well, you mentioned a DSLR (although the camera you linked it to isn't a DSLR) and I'd buy a DSLR from Pentax. But with the choice you mentioned I can't see any real drawbacks to the A6400.

- At present I have a Panasonic DMC-FZ200 that is versatile for travelling but has lots of limitation.

I appreciate your advice in this matter.

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First camera 1953, first Pentax 1985, first DSLR 2006

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