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Re: Tutorials DxO PhotoLab by the user

Ernie Misner wrote:

Thank you for this thread and DXO tutorials. I will definitely bookmark and read.
I am a bit baffled by some of the local adjustments. The control point can not be made large enough to cover an image with my 7000px files for a global adjustment?

I don't think control point is the good tool for the entire image.
Brush and Graduated Filter are classical and convinient.
And, above all, Auto Mask, According to my practice, this is the most effective type of mask   

And how do I remove parts of a control point adjustment? The dialog box says to use Alt+click for a minus type control point but all that comes up is a control point just like the original?

NO, Don't you see the minus symbol on th crosshair !?

Why can't the adjustment brush be used to remove parts of a control point adjustment? And is there no way to turn the + brush into a - brush? Holding Alt does nothing.
There is the Eraser tool but it is SO tiny and it does not seem to work with a control point.

The "Control Point" type mask does not erase. Delete it.

Thank you again.


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