Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

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Re: Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

slr_SoFL wrote:

matteroner wrote:

Okay so I was the one who hijacked the thread. Unintentionally. I said he should trade in his 7d for a 6d. And keep the 80d.

I have a 6d and feel it is a better performer in low light based on real world use.

It uses a lower iso to obtain the same exposure. Moreover, at the equivalent iso it has less noise.

I'm sure the lens is a factor, but I'm talking real world.

And again everyone is comparing the 80d to the 6d. But I said keep the 80d and get the 6d instead of the 7d.

I have both and the 6d and 80d and it just doesn't do as well in low light and that's my opinion based on real world use.

There are also other benefits to having both a ff and crop sensor so it would benefit the OP to have both.

And Magic lantern does overcome many of the deficiencies in the 6d. I can use live view to get 10x mag for fine focus for example. But it has overall different use from the 89d5

Thanks to all! The question was never about getting rid of the 80D. I just bought it and love it. I just was really wanting a second FF for potential wide shot options and landscape when we're parked somewhere.

It's a once in a lifetime trip potentially so I am ditching the 7D for a 6D2. Who needs money. Now I'm considering the Sigma 14-24 to have an extra wide lens.

Here are a few hints for your safari in Africa. Africa is very dusty so bring some kind of blanket or sheet to cover your gear while in transport in open vehicles. Don't swap lenses in the open to avoid dust. The big animals can get really close so it is a good to have two cameras. 80D + 100-400L mk ii is a really great combo as primary which my wife has used on many safaris. 24-105L on a 6D2 will be great as secondary setup. You may want to swap lenses a day or two to get lower noise in the dark morning and evening. Remember to get some landscape around the animals on some photos so not all are close ups. A really wide lens is useful in special situations, especially if you are going to fly with balloon (highly recommended but expensive) or helicopter. Ask the driver to place the vehicle for the best composition as drivers often will try go get very close to the animals instead of giving you the best composition for a long lens. The drivers love to help you once they get your idea. E.g. a big animal or a nice tree in the distance against the sun during sunrise or sunset.

And enjoy. Africa is fantastic.

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Oh no! He should know by now that "equivalence" is a forbidden word for APS-C but perfectly allowed for 1” Sonys, compact cameras, smartphones and maybe even for M43s.

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