So Is Lightroom Basically Useless for Sony RAW files???

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So Is Lightroom Basically Useless for Sony RAW files???

I might sound like a troll, but this is serious (for me, at least).

Since about 6 months ago, Lightroom has really started to CRAWL along. Exporting is slow. Viewing photos is slow. Making local adjustments is slow.

And I do a lot of adjustment brushes / local adjustments on my photos, so my workflow is really slowed down.

I have asked on the Adobe help forums and they have said that it is well known that Lightroom slows down a low when using adjustment brushes.

Oddly enough, using Bridge and using ACR DOESN'T slow down.

Does anyone know a workaround for this super slow behavior in Lightroom?

I am fine using different apps other than Lightroom / photoshop if they will speed up my workflow.

One thing I need is to be able to make global adjustments to about four or five photos, and then edit them in a pixel-based editor.

By that, what I mean is I would edit four or five photos at a time in lightroom with some globabl adjustments and local adjustments, and then OPEN AS LAYERS in photoshop, and then hand blend them together. Then have them re-imported back in to lightroom when I saved them in photoshop.

Is there a way to accomplish something similar to this with other software?

Would converting the Sony ARW files to DNG files make things work smoothly in Lightroom?

Thanks in advance.

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Crashing sucks!!!

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