Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

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Re: Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

matteroner wrote:

Okay so I was the one who hijacked the thread. Unintentionally. I said he should trade in his 7d for a 6d. And keep the 80d.

I have a 6d and feel it is a better performer in low light based on real world use.

It uses a lower iso to obtain the same exposure.

No; ISO *is* a metric about exposure, and both are completely independent of sensor size.  Exposure happens with a magnifying glass on the sidewalk; no sensor required at all.

Moreover, at the equivalent iso it has less noise.

I'm not sure how you're using "equivalent".  For equal or the same ISO, a larger sensor gets more light, which usually means less noise (unless you're comparing a very old large sensor to a modern small one).

I'm sure the lens is a factor, but I'm talking real world.

Real world without a lens forming a partnership with a sensor for a FOV, for a specific test?  Tell me all about it.

And again everyone is comparing the 80d to the 6d. But I said keep the 80d and get the 6d instead of the 7d.

I have both and the 6d and 80d and it just doesn't do as well in low light and that's my opinion based on real world use.

There is no such one thing as "low light".

Regarding noise in low light, with needed shutter speed, there is:

  1. Shallower DOF with a larger sensor and lens entrance pupil for the same FOV
  2. Same DOF with same FOV (2.56x the ISO on FF)
  3. Focal-length-limited (same ISO, but FF is cropped to 39% the total light potential)

Only #1 benefits from the larger FF sensor, vs APS-C.

There are also other benefits to having both a ff and crop sensor so it would benefit the OP to have both.

The advantage that crop sensors can have is not the crop, though, per se; it's the higher pixel density, as far as subject resolution is concerned.

And Magic lantern does overcome many of the deficiencies in the 6d. I can use live view to get 10x mag for fine focus for example. But it has overall different use from the 89d5

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