Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

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Re: Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

Myrgjorf wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Listen, YOU said the crop factor was lost, implying some practical meaning. The crop factor has no direct imaging value; pixel density does. My point is to stop attributing characteristics or qualities to the wrong things, as all that does is stop people from truly understanding things.

Sure I did:-) The "crop factor" difference between a 6D and a 80D is very real and has a very practical meaning in real life. Just look at a bird through the view finder of a 6D and then the 80D with a 400mm lens. And I will continue to use terms like "crop factor", "equivalence" and "reach" as those are practical terms in the real world instead of using long and complicated explanations every time I want to express the difference:-O.

It doesn't matter.  How large an object is, relative to the frame, is meaningless.

What do you get with everything the same except a 3.1MP APS-C and a 50MP FF?  The bird is more lost in the FF's larger frame, but it occupies many, many more pixels with the same analog resolution behind it.

Think of the term "crop factor" as an abbreviation covering complicated relations between pixel density, sensor size, viewfinder size, camera technology and generation, frame rates ... and you will hopefully feel better.

Nope.  The crop factor has no IQ value, so stop crediting it for what it doesn't give.

Otherwise you could install a plugin into your browser that automatically translates "crop factor" into a long and complicated explanation before you even read the offending combination of words;-)

BTW: I hated the 6D for its AF system, speed and handling but not for its sensor, pixel density or IQ. In fact I upgraded the 6D to a much more expensive, large, heavy and complicated camera with the same sensor size and pixel density and only slightly better IQ and I couldn't be happier. I still sometimes use my 7D2 because of its "crop factor" to give me more "reach" as it makes my 560mm lens setup "equivalent" to 896mm.

Only in a negative way.  The FOV is limited to what it would also be with 896mm with a FF camera.  That is not a benefit.  It's like someone taking a pair of scissors to a print and cutting it down to a smaller rectangle; it has nothing akin to magnification or "reach".

Have a great day in this complicated world of camera technology and terms:-)

Once you look at things my way, you'll never look back at worthless ways of looking at things .  It's very simple - the lens projects an analog image, and your sensor has a larger or smaller canvas to render it on, and quite independently, it is resolved with a range of pixel densities.

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