Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

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Re: Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

matteroner wrote:

The 6d has bigger eyeballs and is thus better in low light. That's why I suggested trading the 7d for a 6d.


~ 6.54 vs 3.75 MICRONS

Better low-light and dynamic range (all else equal)


2,340 vs 1,135 ISO

Take photos in low light with less noise

A bigger lens with a bigger entrance pupil is the bigger eyeball.  Larger pixels only waste resolution, and larger sensors only have a larger area, which requires a bigger lens and shallower DOF to get more light from the same FOV.

Sensors and lenses are teams, in real world photography.

Pixel-level and image-level comparisons at the same ISO are not real world photography.

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