Good, lightweight zoom lens wanted

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Re: Good, lightweight zoom lens wanted

This may not be practical for you based on cost, but the desire for a lighter weight, but high quality, 24-70 mm zoom is one of the reasons I bought a Z7.  It gives you the ability to use the 24-70 mm f4 lens in the Z mount.  Weighs only 17.7 ounces as compared to 38.4 ounces for the  F mount 24-70 mm VR version (which, of course, is a 2.8 lens if you need 2.8).  And if you need 2.8, the newly released 24-70 mm f2.8 in Z mount is 28.4 ounces and again, significantly lighter than its F mount analog.  The Z bodies are also lighter than the D8xx bodies.

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