Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

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Re: Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

Myrgjorf wrote:

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Myrgjorf wrote:

Other 6D drawbacks: only one reliable AF point, non-center AF points are too close to the center and not always reliable. I had a 6D some years ago and it did't work for me so I sold it. Not a problem if you are a focus-and-recompose photographer. And of course you loose the crop factor for your long lenses.

That's not the loss. The loss is pixel density, which usually accompanies sensor size, but not always. There is no "quality" of any sort from having a narrower FOV with the same lens due to a smaller sensor size; you need higher pixel density. A crop camera may have faster burst speed, of course, with the same pixel density, with a smaller sensor.

Let's look at an extreme; a 50MP FF and a 3.1MP APS-C. What benefit is there to the crop camera, subject-quality-wise? None. It puts only about 16% as many pixels on subject, and all the crop does is make sure that a larger part of the image circle projected by the lens is never recorded at all.

We all (or most of us) know that! This discussion is about 80D (24MP APS-C) vs. 6D (20MP) and here the crop factor (or "higher pixel density on a smaller sensor where the view finder and all of the camera is adapted to the smaller sensor") is very real for the same lenses. You don't like the term "crop factor" and that is OK. But "crop factor" is useful in real world so many of us will continue that term. Just as many vendors use 35mm "equivalence" even there is nothing magic about the 35mm "standard" (bigger than smaller sensors and smaller than bigger sensors).

Listen, YOU said the crop factor was lost, implying some practical meaning. The crop factor has no direct imaging value; pixel density does. My point is to stop attributing characteristics or qualities to the wrong things, as all that does is stop people from truly understanding things.

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