Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

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Re: Amazed by 80D at 12,800 ISO

matteroner wrote:

If you think that is good trade your 7d for a 6d and the results will be even better.

I started with a 6d and added an 80d for wildlife and macro. But after iso 1600 I feel the 80d is unacceptable. But that's probably because I was coming from the 6d.

It is important when considering FF vs APS-C to remember that sensor size alone does not determine practical, real-world image quality. The sensor and lens are a team, and a larger sensor does not give better high-ISO results without a larger lens *and* shallower DOF.

If one is interested mainly in wide angles, and shallowest DOF, and is willing to get the lenses for that if they don't already have them, they should run, not walk, to FF.

For some other uses, however, the FF advantage can just be an academic illusion.

I own the 7D2 and the 6D. I choose the 7D2 for limited light situations if I need some DOF or I am focal-length-limited. I choose the 6D when I want shallow DOF, or want maximum width of FOV with wide-angle and fish-eye.

The 6D, for example, with an f/4 zoom lens, does not give much less noise than the 7D2 with an f/2.8 zoom lens, at any ISO or tonal level, in the overlapping range of fields of view; not like it would if I used the same zoom on both bodies, but then, the 6D system would give shallower DOF, which would be a main reason I chose it (the other being wider fields of view with the same lens).

In focal-length-limited situations, where you would compare a 1.6x crop from the 6D to the 7D2, the 6D has less resolution and no noise benefit, and is actually worse in low-ISO shadows.

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