X-H1 Battery Life... Woah

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Re: X-H1 Battery Life... Woah

I can shoot an entire highschool lacrosse game on my xh1 with one battery. That's 4k30. Despite being on a fluid head tripod I still keep IBIS on because even in the press booth, when the crowd gets fired up the bleachers shake and the ibis is a godsend. I also run CAF. People can complain about the battery life all they want but for as small as the batteries are it takes up having a couple on hand is nothing. For people finding inconvenience with changing batteries in a studio environment an anchor power back runs the camera for days! I can find plenty to complain about with Fuji but the battery life really hasn't been an issue in practically and I frequently take trips into the deep woods of Maine for wildlife shoots where there's no electricity to charge a camera battery. I have four batteries, one Fuji and three generics and I've never killed all four over the course of two and a half days of solid shooting and video.

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