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PS: tilt shift lenses. These are highly specialised but professionals find its use.

These are quite superfluous right now, since existing SLR designs gain immensely from being adapted to mirrorless, and native designs probably wouldn't shed any substantial weight or size - while costing a lot more money.

Not trying to be cleaver or anything, but I was wondering in what aspect shift lenses from the SLR days gain in being adapted to mirrorless?

The gains are in terms of usability - TS lenses are notoriously hostile toward the whole reflex viewfinder concept. Also, the prism overhang on many DSLRs can limit the lens' movements.

BTW, I said "SLR designs" because there's nothing restricting the use of modern TS designs with older bodies (so they're not strictly for digital cameras), but if I wanted a lens with incorporated movement I'd definitely prefer a modern Canon of Nikon one.

Has it even been documented how large the image quality difference is by using a proper tilt shift lens vs fixing the "untilting" in post when shot with a modern high quality regular wide angle?

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