Best acrylic face mount options

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Re: Best acrylic face mount options

I've spent the last 4 years printing almost exclusively in Fujiflex Crystal Archive from ArtisanHD. Overall I have been very happy with the product and would recommend for any color images. Be prepared for blacks to be very dark and almost muddy. I've also found that warmer images need to adjust when printing on a warmer paper like Fujiflex. IMHO Fujiflex Crystal Archive lends itself to certain colors: blue, magenta, green, purple all render beautifully. Recently, I reluctantly ordered my first Lumachrome from Nevada Art. I was very hesitant due to the increased time and cost. Just for some reference, 32x48 Lumachrome cost $933 and 32x48 Fujiflex cost me $600. Both prints are identical in nature and the only difference is the paper. Trulife Non-Glare Acrylic, 3mm backer(encapsulation), and floating museum wall mount. There also a two-week turnaround from ArtisanHD and 4-6 weeks from Nevada Art Printers. That all being said, the Lumachrome print I ordered is absolutely stunning. Due to the backlit nature of Lumachrome, it is very easy to get lost in the photo. The depth, dimensionality, details, and colors are mesmerizing. I also prefer the color neutrality that Lumachrome offers. I would never ever print a B&W on Fujiflex, but Lumachrome can produce incredible B&Ws.

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