Adorama warning: misrepresenting their credit terms

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Adorama warning: misrepresenting their credit terms

Hi all,

I am posting this message as a warning to anyone considering purchasing from Adorama or using their Adorama Credit Card as issued by Comenity Bank. I have recently been through 2+ weeks of hell dealing with them on an equipment purchase and have run into repeated incompetence and misrepresentation of their financing terms. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and am posting my complaint to them below. I tried to negotiate with them regarding these issues in good faith and they offered nothing in return. Please consider my experience before choosing to purchase from them. Thanks.

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In January of 2019, I applied for credit on the Adorama Credit card through their website. The credit is granted through Comenity Bank and takes a couple of weeks for approval. I applied for this credit with the intention of purchasing equipment in order to do video production and post production work for a client.

My application was approved for the amount of $6,000. Discussions with my client increased about the work in the beginning of May 2019 and I requested that my credit be increased. It was increased to $12,500.

Throughout this time, I was configuring different shopping carts on Adorama's website as I was researching and deciding what equipment I would need for the job. When items were added to a cart on Adorama's website, a calculation of what your interest free payments could be "as low as." would be displayed under the total. In the case of most of the equipment, the term was for 12 months interest free and the calculation for the payment was for the total cart amount divided by the term. Example: a $1,200 cart would say payments as low as $100 a month ($1,200 divided by 12 months).

In my case, I was also ordering audio field recording equipment. Adding these items would increase the interest free term to 48 months, rather than only 12 months for just video equipment. As I adjusted my cart from January until my eventual first attempted purchase on 5/19/19, having the audio equipment in my cart ALWAYS produced a calculation for what my monthly payments would be based on the total amount in the cart that my credit allowed (in my case $12,500) divided by the 48 month term. That calculation would be $12,500 divided by 48 months or “as low as $262 a month” as the website depicted it.

On May 19th, I placed an online order in the amount of $12,715.60, $215.60 over the credit I had available with Adorama/Comenity Bank. The remaining balance of $215.60 was to be applied to my business MasterCard. Upon completing the order on the website, I was under the impression the order was approved and had gone through. I received an email stating “Your order has been placed and will be processed as soon as possible… Your credit card will not be charged until the order has shipped.”

On the morning of 5/20/19, I went online to check the status of the order I had placed the previous day. I was notified by the website that the attempt to process my order had been denied by my credit card. Knowing that I had enough credit to cover $215.60, I called Adorama Customer Service and was put in touch with a customer representative named Kurt.

Kurt looked at the order and saw that there was a problem processing the order and attempts to charge my account for more than the $215.60 were made.

The following three charge attempts were made according to Citibank, my cardholder:


5/20 -

$1,201.98 - denied - 8:54 AM CST

$1,201.98 - denied - 9:00 AM CST

$1,201.98 - denied - 9:07 AM CST

(The bank provided the charge attempt times in Central Standard Time (CST). I live in Eastern Standard Time (EST). I will be referring to times using both standards as needed.)

Kurt tried to run the order again and was denied.

That charge attempt according to Citibank was:

$1,201.98 - denied - 11:07AM CST

Upon further investigation, Kurt discovered that there was an issue with their VIP360 membership. I had added the VIP360 membership to my cart because, for $50, it sped up the delivery time and added an extended return window for qualifying items.

Unfortunately, because of a flaw in the website, VIP360 items could NOT be combined with non-VIP360 items while purchasing on an Adorama Credit card. I had a few items in my cart that were not VIP360 items that were creating the problem. This was not by design but a coding issue on the website.

Kurt attempted to juggle things and made another attempt at placing the order. It failed and, according to Citibank, another charge was attempted on my card:

$4,716.51 - denied - 11:50AM CST

While this charge was actually denied, and authorization was placed on my card which held the amount in credit on my account. The $4,716.51 that was attempted to have been charged was locked and unable to be accessed by me. Despite the order failing and being cancelled, it took over a week for the block to be removed. I requested over the phone on two occasions for Adorama to provide written proof that the order was cancelled so that I could provide them to Citibank and have the credit released. While they said they would email me this documentation, they never forwarded me anything despite my second request.

At this point, Kurt tried one more option while still trying to apply the purchase to my Adorama credit card. This attempt also failed as the system attempted to charge my Mastercard for the full purchase cost of $12,613.58

I received an email shortly after at 2:13PM EST (1:13 CST) stating: “It's probably just a misunderstanding, but your MasterCard credit card ending #### has been declined for $12613.58.”

At this point, Kurt determined that there was no way to purchase the VIP360 items combined with non-VIP360 items on the Adorama credit card. He offered to tell me which items were VIP360 and which were not and to create two separate orders. However, there was some confusion on the purchasing side whether I actually was VIP360 already or not. Even though the orders had been denied, we were not sure how the order was going to work. There were indications in my account that the VIP360 status had been applied to my account but there was no traceable charge to it.

Kurt’s second solution was for me to use the Adorama Credit card to purchase $12,500 in gift certificates. Once the certificates were created and confirmed in their system, he said that HE would apply the gift certificates to the order and “follow the order until it was completed.” To accommodate for the issues involved in this order, he offered to give me the VIP360 membership for free and agreed to make sure that the available items were shipped overnight on 5/20/19 for me to receive on 5/21/19.

I put the $12,500 worth of gift certificates into my cart. It was comprised of twelve gift certificates for $1,000 each and one gift certificate for $500. When I entered these items into my cart, the terms for the purchase on my Adorama Credit Card changed on their website from 48 months to 12 months. As I had Kurt on the phone through this whole process, I told him that the terms as displayed in the cart on had changed on the purchase and that I was NOT going to do the purchase if the terms needed to be paid interest free within 12 months. He assured me a moment later that they would make sure that the terms were adjusted to 48 months and not to worry.

(Whatever attempt Adorama made to adjust the terms from 12 months to 48 months was denied and I was never notified. It is also worth reiterating that my expectation was still, based on how Adorama’s shopping cart displayed the terms when my video and audio items were in the cart, that my payment would be “as low as $262 a month for 48 months.” I was never given any indication that the terms would be otherwise. I will go into further detail on this later.)

Kurt also informed me at this time that he was not able to give me the free VIP360 membership as he had promised. The system would not allow him to do it. This was one of many instances where I was told that Adorama would do something that they did not do.

In place of that, Kurt offered to give me a $100 gift certificate to be used at their store. I accepted. The gift certificate was issued on 5/21/19 at 12:07PM EST. In the coming week, I applied this gift certificate to other equipment I needed to purchase.

The purchased gift certificates totaling $12,500 were activated at 3:18PM EST (2:18 CST). Three attempts to charge my card for the remaining balance of $113.58 failed.

Citibank reported these times and charges as:

$113.58 - denied - 2:21PM CST

$113.58 - denied - 3:06PM CST

$113.58 - denied - 3:10PM CST

Despite Kurt’s promise to “follow the order until it was completed,” he did not notify me that my card was declined, nor did he attempt to complete the order.

I attempted to remedy this online myself by adjusting the payment with the same credit card. It was denied.

I received an email from Adorama at 4:19PM EST (3:19PM CST) stating:

“The payment you resubmitted online failed to go thru. You credit card ending in #### has been declined in the amount of $113.58.”

I called Adorama regarding the issue and was not able to reach Kurt directly. The service agent told me the card was declined. I called Citibank and they confirmed and said the card was locked because of the numerous attempts to charge by Adorama. I told Citibank to allow the charge. They agreed and the payment for $113.58 went through.

That evening, I did not receive a shipping notification. Kurt had agreed that he would have the available items shipped on 5/20/19 for overnight delivery on 5/21/19.

I attempted to view my order status on Adorama’s website but clicking on My Account or Order Status would just create a loading icon. I was unable to view any information about my order or my account. This was a persistent problem. I wasn’t able to view my account online for roughly ten days despite twice requesting that they look at my account and fix the issue.

I emailed Kurt and asked him the status and why it hadn’t been shipped.

His response at 6:03PM EST on 5/21/19:

“Hi Scott,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

When we check the order yesterday, everything seems to be ok. That's why the delivery expectation was given to you.

However, your order was invoice on our shipping cut-off time. UPS could not pick up the package last night.

Rest assured, the available items will leave the warehouse today for you to receive it by tomorrow.”

Tomorrow delivery referred to arriving on 5/22/19.

I recontacted customer service on 5/21/19 regarding their failure to deliver in the time they promised. I explained to the rep I spoke to that Kurt had promised to follow through with the order until it was completed. He had applied the gift certificates but did not wait to see if the charges had gone through. Given the amount of denials that had been given, it would have been advisable to make sure the order actually cleared before assuming everything was fine. Also, the reason the charge was denied was because of all the false and improper attempts Adorama had made on my card. If Kurt had stuck with the order and notified me of the denied charge, I would have been able to contact Citibank, authorize the charge, and have the items ready to ship overnight as Kurt had promised. This did not happen.

The items started delivering on Wednesday 5/22/19. A few items were backordered and delivered at later times.

I later followed up with Kurt via email about my dissatisfaction with the handling of my order and his inability to deliver on the day it was promised.

Kurt responded via email on 5/23/19 at 6:21PM EST about the issue:

“Hi Scott,

Again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

I have forwarded this issue to our Management and request for compensation.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.”

I didn’t not hear from Adorama again until I followed up on May 28th at 1:48PM EST regarding the credit hold on my credit card and his lack of response about a “request for compensation… as soon as possible.”

(In fairness, 5/25 - 5/27 was Memorial Day weekend. I do not know what their hours were over this time.)

Kurt responded at 5:59PM EST on may 28th regarding the credit hold but with no mention of the compensation.

I responded at 8:25PM EST requesting a followup on the compensation issue.

Kurt responded on 5/29/19 at 6:09PM EST:

“We sincerely apologize for the delay.

As per the update, we can process another $100.00 partial refund or $150.00 Gift Card.

Please advise which you would prefer at this time.”

I accepted the $150 gift card. It was issued on 5/30/19. I again used this gift card to purchase other equipment needed at the store, again spending more money with Adorama.

On June 3rd, I became concerned about whether the 48 month term had been properly applied to my Adorama Credit Card which was issued through Comenity Bank. I called Comenity Bank to inquire.

The representative from Comenity Bank informed me that the terms on my account were for 12 months interest free, not 48 months as Adorama had promised. I explained to them the entire story about why the order was created the way it was and why I could not order directly on the website because Adorama’s website was faulty and could not process the order correctly. The representative informed me that I could file a dispute and that, in her experience, she did not think it would be a problem to adjust the terms to 48 months. She did say, however, that it could take up to 90 days for that dispute to be approved. Sometimes it could go sooner but they had a 90 day window to make the change.

Concerned about the 90 day window and the impact it would have on my payments in the short term, I asked the representative if that meant that my minimum required payment on my statement would reflect the 12 month term. In my thinking, with my $12,500 balance, that would mean a minimum monthly payment of $1041.67, or $781.67 more than what I was expecting to pay.

The representative informed me that Comenity Bank does not calculate their minimum payments based on the months in the interest free term. Their minimum monthly payment each month is based on 3.5% of the total balance on the account. Therefore, my $12,500 balance with Comenity Bank would require a minimum monthly payment the first month of $437.00, or $177.50 MORE than the “as low as $262 a month” Adorama had displayed on their website.

There is a problem with the language here. Saying “as low as” is not a disclaimer for an incorrect number in this case. The option of paying “as low as $262 a month” is not available to the consumer without receiving possible late fees or possible damage to one’s credit. The required minimum monthly payment on $12,500 is $437.00 and that is not negotiable. It is impossible to receive a monthly payment “as low as $262” because Comenity Bank does not allow it. The calculation presented by Adorama is wrong, misleading, and deceitful. If I had known that my monthly minimum payment for the first year would have been above $400, I would not have made the purchase.

Also, if my term stayed at 12 months rather than 48 months, my minimum payment would be $437.00, but if I did not pay the complete balance of $12,500 within 12 months, I would be charged the full interest on the entire original charge of $12,500.

I further asked the Comenity Bank representative if there was any availability of the terms that I was expecting, where an equal monthly payment would be paid over 48 months in the amount of $262. I was informed that their agreement with Adorama did not allow for that with Adorama’s customers and that it would be impossible to receive those terms without someone at the bank adjusting those terms based on a dispute. The Comenity Bank representative informed me that I could file a dispute with the bank regarding minimum payment terms as well but informed me that would be more difficult to adjust because their agreement with Adorama did not allow for that.

In short, Adorama misrepresented the terms of the credit they were offering on their website. It was not until I spoke directly with the bank after the transaction was made that I was notified of the correct terms.

I ended the call and emailed Kurt at Adorama. The contents of that email are pasted here:

“Hi Kurt,

Just got off the phone with the Comenity bank, the credit lender for Adorama credit.

If you recall, I attempted to purchase these items online using the Adorama credit card. In the process of creating this order online, the payment terms were 48 months at $262 per month.

When the website failed and we went forward with your suggestion of doing the gift certificates for $12,500, I told you before I placed the order that the terms had changed and were now calculating over 12 months. You assured me that you could adjust the terms and make it 48 months.

That adjustment never occurred. I was afraid it wouldn't so I called the bank today to see what the terms were and, sure enough, they were 12 months. I explained to the bank what had transpired and why the purchase was made the way it was. She said that the total amount of the purchase qualified for the 48 months but that it wasn't created that way. She created a dispute and is attempting to get the terms adjusted. It could happen quickly or it could take 90 days.

This was yet another thing that I was promised that didn't happen. And now I have to hope that the bank will honor the terms that YOU promised me or I am going to have a really big problem on my hands, courtesy of more empty promises from Adorama.

That's not the end of the story...

I then asked the bank rep if it took 90 days, what i could expect the minimum payment to be, since the terms that Adorama's website said was $262/month for 48 months.

The bank representative said that their minimum payment is ALWAYS 3.5% of the total balance. They never do a payment minimum based on the term.

So... your website told me that if I did $12,500 on the Adorama, I would be paying "as low as $262/month for 48 months." That is a misrepresentation of how the bank works.

The bank multiplies the balance ($12,500) by 3.5% to find the minimum monthly payment and does not account for any interest free terms. 3.5% of $12,500 is $437.50, or $175.50 MORE than what your website said I would be paying.

So I went through this whole process, applying for credit, waiting three weeks to receive that credit, ordering, having my order fail, taking two days with you to adjust that order and buy gift certificates and have the terms inappropriately applied and not fixed based on your assurances...

And now I discover that your website incorrectly calculates the monthly payments and misleads customers. I have been going through this whole process and creating a budget based on what my monthly payment will be based on what your company told me. What your company told me as I was making my purchases was flat out wrong.

And I wouldn't know any of this if I wasn't pursuing the information myself. You did not inform me that the 12 month term was applied when you promised me the 48 months. I had to call the bank myself.

I called the customer service telephone line earlier today and notified them of this issue. This is a serious problem. If I am unable to get my terms to 48 months, this is your fault. If I am unable to get the payment terms to what Adorama depicted on their website ($262 a month and not $437.50), this is Adorama's fault. You will be accountable for this and you will honor what was promised. I have no problems escalating this beyond simply negotiating with your company. The treatment I have received, the lack of service I have been given, and now the flat out misinformation about the terms under which I am buying are inexcusable. You misrepresented the payments and credit you were offering.

The customer service representative said that she was going to notify whomever was above her about all of this and I requested a call back rather than just an email. This needs to be dealt with and it needs to be dealt with properly or I will be forced to take significant action. There are no more excuses for Adorama's mismanagement or deceitfulness in how they have dealt with my order.

I can be reached at ###-###-####.

Thank you,”

Kurt responded on June 4th at 6:04PM:

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

We are currently coordinating this issue with the bank.

We will get back to you as soon as we receive the update.”

In the meantime on 6/3/19, I had gotten in touch with someone else at Adorama named Leah at extension ####. I explained to Leah what had happened and why and she seemed concerned. She said she was going to look into it and see if she could replicate the issue on Adorama’s website and get back to me.

I did not hear from Leah so I followed up with her over the phone on 6/5/19. She looked up my case and sounded as though she hadn’t followed up the way she said she would. She said the functionality had since been removed from the website and that was about it.

I asked her what she was planning on doing about my situation regarding Adorama putting my account in jeopardy of not being converted to the 48 month terms or the fact that they had completely misrepresented the payment terms on their website in a calculation that was not their agreed upon terms with Comenity Bank.

Leah told me she didn’t think there was anything she could do. She cited the two gift certificates that had been issued to me BEFORE the banking issues were discovered as reasonable compensation for all of my troubles.

I told her that was unacceptable as that was compensation for how much they screwed up my order. She offered to accept a return on the entire order. I explained to her that I had ordered the equipment to do a job for a client that had already started. Returning the equipment would mean cancelling the job, losing the job and the fees gathered for it, and likely the client and any future earnings as well. I did not feel it was fair for me to risk losing further income because of Adorama’s mistakes and misrepresentation.

She asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted the proper terms that were sold to me when I bought the equipment. If that wasn’t an option, I wanted Adorama to make an effort to reduce the price of the equipment I bought to approach those terms ($262/month for 48 months) by a reasonable number.

She asked me what that number was. I said if they could take $2,500 off the cost of the order (20%), that would make my opening monthly cost $350. I would accept that. My rationale was that given the markup that they were likely charging, this would be a reasonable amount that likely would not cost Adorama any out of pocket costs. I suggested that they calculate their cost on the equipment that I purchased compared to what they charged me and see how the numbers compared and get back to me. Leah said she wasn’t sure what she could do but she would take a look and email me back. I requested that she call me with this information.

The next day on 6/6/19, I received this email from Leah:

“I have reviewed the issues raised in your recent communications with Adorama regarding your original IntOrd#: A201905171132119100, Gift Card IntOrd#: A2019052013065274331, and IntOrd#: A2019051913330528787/ Ord# 22715031. We offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment that may have inadvertently been caused to you. I am sorry that you have had this poor experience. We value our customer satisfaction and happiness. We will try our best to make sure that this does not happen in the future.


#1 Unable to submit original order online with Comenity Financing

#2 48 month term not applied to your Gift Card order & therefore not on IntOrd#: A2019051913330528787 / Ord# 22715031

#3 incorrect “pay as low as” messaging at checkout, regarding the minimum payments per month

As compensation, we have already issue $250.00 in gift certificates. Comenity has already approved the change to 48 month terms on your order. They are currently processing this change.

Regarding your minimum monthly payments- I apologize that this was calculated incorrectly in Comenity’ s checkout notice. We have asked them to have it corrected. It took longer than we would have liked, but this has since been rectified. Unfortunately, as these payments are not made to us, through us, or determined by us, we cannot change the minimum monthly amounts. These are controlled by Comenity. If you would like to speak to Comenity about what you saw, what you are requesting, and see if they can make this change, you can do so.

The best we can offer you an additional $150.00 which we can apply back to your card.

If you would prefer to return the order for a full refund, I have attached pre-paid return labels to this email.

Thank you for shopping with us; we do appreciate your business and hope this can resolve the problem and keep you as a valued customer.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,


Leah R.

Customer Service Manager | Adorama Inc

800-223-2500 x ####”

I found this response unacceptable. I replied with the following email on 6/6/19:

“Hi Leah,

Thank you for your email. When we last spoke, I had requested a phone call to provide me with this information.

To clarify, there are a few issues missing from your numbered list. In the processing of these multiple attempts by your salesperson Kurt to try and place my order, the failure of the Adorama credit card caused your system to attempt multiple charges on my credit card in amounts including $12,000+, $8,000+, and one for $4,600. The last charge for $4,600 actually cleared and went through as a preauthorization, blocking most of my companies available credit due to a charge by Adorama that never should have been attempted. It was your faulty system trying to mix VIP360 items and non VIP360 items that caused these false charges to take place, not any request on my part to have these charges put on my Mastercard. Your system made it's own calculations and charged as it saw fit without my authorization. As such, I had to call my credit card company to first unlock my card because of what appeared to be fraudulent attempts by Adorama and then wait over a week for the authorization to be dropped. Twice I was told by a representative that they would send me proof of the charge being cancelled via email that I could forward to my credit card company but that proof was never sent as they could not produce paperwork that showed the authorization going through.

Also, at the time the purchase was being put through, Kurt said that he was going to follow through with the order until it was complete. I had purchased $12,500 in gift cards and he was going to apply them to the order and make sure that everything had cleared and was complete. Kurt applied the gift cards... but did not wait around long enough to see if the remaining balance had actually cleared on my credit card. He ran the gift cards and did not check to see if the balance was paid. It was not paid because my credit card was locked because of all the false charges Adorama had attempted. Kurt did not discover this. I did. I called to find out what was happening because I did not get a receipt and was told that the charges could not go through. I called my credit card company and got them to unlock the card, then called back to Adorama to have the transaction completed. This was yet another instance where Adorama's inability to do what they promised was not only an inconvenience but a waste of my time and delayed the shipment of my order.

It was this laundry list of non functional websites, unauthorized credit card charges, ineffective customer service reps, delayed shipping and waste of my time that led to the $250 in gift cards that your company issued me. All of this took place BEFORE my discovery of the incorrect financing terms being applied to my order and the misrepresentation of payments shown on your website. I do not consider the compensation made for these previous mistakes on Adorama's part to have any bearing on the issue at hand regarding financing.

Regarding the financing concerns:

I made my request to you on the phone regarding charging me for only the cost of the items rather than your markup. The percentage I calculated was roughly twenty percent of the total order which should, for the most part, not cause Adorama to lose any money out of pocket for this transaction.

$150 is a pretty far ways off from our discussion and frankly, continues to show the lack of effort your company has made toward a customer who only wanted to place a $13k order on your website and be done with it. Instead here I am two weeks later still dealing with this.

Gift cards do not solve my issue as far as budget concerns or the fact that I have started this job with a client already. I am in the midst of doing the work that I was contracted for. Returning the equipment loses me the job and the client and possible future earnings. I do not wish to suffer anymore because of Adorama's incompetence or unwillingness to accept responsibility for how you misrepresented the offerings on your website.

As I mentioned on the phone, your lack of interest for taking responsibility for the position you have put myself and my company in due to your inability to represent your financing terms properly will force me into further action.

I will be filing a lengthy complaint with the Better Business Bureau who will be reaching out to you to confirm the information I provide and mitigate a solution. All of this information will be documented and available publicly on their website along with whether a compromise is reached or not.

I will be notifying my lawyer about what has transpired here and what my options are. I will also be submitting this information to a class action attorney who can explore the possibility of contacting other Adorama Credit Card holders. Misrepresentation of of the financing terms does not necessarily have to negatively impact a customer for your misrepresentation to still have liability. If a firm finds the case plausible, you will be hearing from them.

I will be posting the story of how my order was handled from the first website order failure until our conversation today on every Facebook page, forum, community and website that I can find that deal with photography as well as video production, as well as Google reviews and the like. I will be sending this story direct to editors of such sites in hopes that they will warn people that not only is Adorama not careful how they depict their financing and payment terms, but they take no responsibility for the impact that their negligence has on their customers.

I have previously offered to not bother with all of this if Adorama comes to the table, accepts their responsibility for how this transaction was misrepresented, and settles the matter by crediting my Comenity account $2,500, or twenty percent of the credit taken. This would drop my monthly payment to $350, which is still not the $262 that your website promised, but would be what I consider to be a fair compromise. At 20%, there should not be any loss to Adorama on this transaction. If you would prefer that I pursue the other means of closing my horrible experience with your company that I have described above, it will likely come at greater cost to you than $2,500. If that is the risk you are willing to take to have this story told to as many people as I can reach, that is your decision. I am offering to settle this with you now so we can go our separate ways.

The contents of this letter and the image of Adorama it depicts should be an embarrassment to your company. That you can read this and not understand your negligence and offer me $150 is insulting. I would like to settle this in a more efficient manner so that I don't have to keep reliving the absurdity that has been my customer service experience with you. However, if you don't believe your reputation is worth settling reasonably with a customer, I have no issues letting every person I can reach for the next few years know that your company should never ever be trusted for anything you depict on your website.

If this is your final offer, please let me know and I will start the process with BBB etc tomorrow morning.

Thank you,”

I have not received a further response from Adorama. Their decision to not respond to my final offer has prompted my filing a complain with the Better Business Bureau. No other steps in this matter have been taken at the time of my writing this.

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