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Pieloe wrote:

Zeee wrote:

The difference between lens correction and USM is interesting. We know about the 3 phases of sharpening. If your lens is characterized by DXO then you don't need USM. In fact it states not to use both. So either Lens Corrections or USM covers Capture sharpening I assume?


I have come across images where I had to disable the deconvolution-based sharpening behind the Details slider (Lens Corrections) and used a very light pass of USM as part of my capture sharpening routine. This helped to combat a watercolour effect that was starting to creep in as a result of sloppy demosaicing and deconvolution.

Creative sharpening is achieved by MicroContrast. I seen the word Creative so I assume that's its job.

YES and better with fine contrast (FilmPack functionality)

Where is Export sharpening? I assumed it was USM. What do you use to sharpen for media type?

You accentuate the image as you wish and the system transposes according to the desire dimensions.
Great efforts were made on this point during the release of DPL 1.
DxO recommends exporting small images with the bicubic option.

Which is hardly optimal. At least they could offer a Lanczos algorithm for resizing. And people are hoping that the Nik Output sharpener facility actually gets ported some day to the Export dialogue. As it is, I output a full-sized file from PhotoLab2 and do my resizing and output sharpening in my photo viewer.

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