GR3 and infrared filter = Win !

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Re: GR3 and infrared filter = Win !

Popping in since the OP seems to be absent.

It's true that sometimes there is little colour to play with. I've only spent half a day doing IR photography with the GRIII and could only decently process my images after Adobe included support for the GRIII in their software, but the few images I processed since (the day before yesterday) did show varying results.

First thing: it is important to be able to set the White Balance beyond the range that Adobe Lightroom allows. I don't know about other RAW developing software (this might not be a concern in your software). With Adobe, you can achieve that by using their DNG Profile Editor to open a GRIII DNG exported from LR, lower the temperature to minimum and exporting that as a new profile with a clear name (I simply called it "Infrared"). That profile needs to be added in LR. Once this is done it is available for all images taken with the GRIII, and it allows setting the WB outside the default range, as required for IR images shot through a filter like Hoya's R72.

When setting the WB for white on leaves, the sky should turn orange. If there is orange, Red<>Blue channel swapping can make that blue. However, I've noticed that this doesn't happen for all images. The best results in my case were for the sky higher up with deeper blues. If the only bit of sky visible was a rim just above the horizon, I generally found very little colour. That might depend on latitude or sun position.

Same for the foreground. It really depends on how the light hits it, and how the material reflects it. Since IR is just outside our visible range, and it's very hard to judge anything on the in-camera image, I guess it comes down to experience to know what works and what doesn't? Again, my results varied a lot. Weather permitting, I'll continue experimenting, but I haven't gotten the hang of it yet.

Perhaps you just were unlucky in the subjects you had at hand?

All the best!


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