“Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.”

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Re: Respect

Pixnat2 wrote:

Tommi K1 wrote:

It has. That is called cultural differences, borders, rules, separation and habits. As well it is called forums and sub-forums.

Borders aren't walls. And you can cross them easily. It's allowed if you have a visa.

Borders ARE walls. Don't you even understand what borders are? You are not allowed to cross the border unless countries has agreed with it. And not all require visa, you can just go through the border checkpoints with a passport or other official travel ID. But that requires you have those, that as well limits what you can take with you, what you can transport over the borders etc.

They are the invisible walls. Economically, culturally etc.

Everyone has her/his own view on things, you can't change it.

Instead, respecting other people point of view and communicating with them is a better path to Peace.

You say that you can't change things,

Read well, I never said that.

Read well? Okay....

"Everyone has her/his own view on things, you can't change it."

You didn't say:

"Fact is: Everyone has her/his own view on things. You can't change that fact."

I said that you can't change the fact that everyone has his/her own view on things.

Did you really say that? Look up.

But with good arguments, you can convince people to change, of course.

No you can't change everyone's all point of view. There are not just one point of view, there are everything from tabula rasa to the moment where you are arguing that you would need to change many point of views in the person.

Why you say that other one needs to change their view, while you say that it can't be changed?

I never said that, see above.

Look at it.

Do not expect them to change for you, it is you who is need to change.

Of course, that's the key.

Then are you ready to really throw away all your believes, are your logic, all your principles, just so you can change yourself to please other in your own country?

Anyone with good arguments could change my point of view. But nobody can change the fact that I have a point of view.

If you have point of view, it already should have good argument to back it.

See the difference?

Look up.

Anyway, one my favirote quote (from Heraclitus), and the one I pass to my children, is :

"The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change".

You and I will change, that's a fact

Now you said that it is the fact.

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