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Tommi K1 wrote:

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Tommi K1 wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

I just beg to differ that we shouldn't stay away from others, as you said, but instead learn to speak to each other with tolerance and respect.

That can't happen in same room. That is why we have different rooms and then one shared one.

Everyone has her/his own view on things, you can't change it.

Trying to proselytize or impose your point of view is useless and create conflicts.

Building walls to isolate from each other has never been the answer.

It has. That is called cultural differences, borders, rules, separation and habits. As well it is called forums and sub-forums.

Borders aren't walls. And you can cross them easily. It's allowed if you have a visa.

Even this post that original poster started gets generated to thread, where each thread starts to live its own direction, separated from other threads. Each thread goes to different direction and it is built by different people. If you don't like the thread, ignore it and read another thread, participate to other thread.

THis is easily visible for everyone who use threaded view instead flat view. Where the flat view is one mess, one illogical line of posts where communication is not organized and grouped.

Instead, respecting other people point of view and communicating with them is a better path to Peace.

That requires that everyone agree there are rules to obey, there are topics not to discuss, there are borders not to step over, the habits not to break off.

We have forums for Canon users, split to their mounts and formats.

We have same for Nikon and Sony even.

The m4/3 is special one because it is a system, shared by multiple brands, different kind manufacturers, different kind gear. It is unique kind, something that there is for any other system.

You can take one manufacturer lens, mount it to other manufacturer body, and fly it with third manufacturer drone and control it with a fourth manufacturer software or hardware.

You can take a small body, big body, huge body. You can take small lens, big lens, or huge lens. You can build all kind setups and combinations, expensive, cheap, light or heavy etc.

That is what makes m4/3 so universal and superior system that you have more possibilities than with any other system, and you always stay within single format.

And you are in making error with your own argument. Let me point it to you:

Everyone has her/his own view on things, you can't change it.

Instead, respecting other people point of view and communicating with them is a better path to Peace.

You say that you can't change things,

Read well, I never said that.

I said that you can't change the fact that everyone has his/her own view on things.

But with good arguments, you can convince people to change, of course.

you can't change their point of view and way to see things. Yet you say that others should accept the others way of do things and change as well and discuss with each others about their different ways to do things and change their ways to view things.

That is why it doesn't work. That is why there becomes the separation, different groups etc.

It is totally natural group behavior.

That is as well called politics, you try to get a differently thinking people to work together, and most cases it doesn't work.

If the group A views thing that sunday is the sabbath, and group B believes it is the saturday.

Why you say that other one needs to change their view, while you say that it can't be changed?

I never said that, see above.

If you get both to change their view, it is just reversed and you are exactly same place where you started. So only way would be only to get either other suppressed and change their view, or accept that you can't change their view and let them be separated. The group A can rest on sunday, the B can rest on saturday.

But don't expect to get them both agree that Saturday AND Sunday are both sabbath, because both will see that the other day is wrong to them.

And communicating about it does not help at all. You can't change them.

That is why such people gather among same way thinking groups and they stay away from the other kinds.

They can work together as long they are not trying to change what the other view/thinks. Like you can't get someone to work on the day that they believe is their day of rest. No matter how much you pay them or you say that they can keep then the second day. You are trying to cause conflict in their believes and faith and that is extremely disrespectful even to talk to them about it.

When you travel to another country, another culture, another environment etc, do not think that your way is the right way, or that you can change things better or you have some rights that they don't have.

when in Rome, do as the Romans do

This is m4/3 system forum, that uses 4/3" format. This is not forum for 35mm praises discussions or anything theorizing the size differences with other formats. It is not about other systems, other manufacturers, other brands etc.

There is big difference to say "I wish that Zeiss would make the X lens with native m4/3 mount" than saying "The Zeiss X is much better than the A m4/3 lens, you should change the system".

  1. "The April's mother makes so wonderful apple pie, that I wish my mother could make so good too, said Lisa to Jane"
  2. "The April's mother makes better apple pie than your mother, said Lisa to Jane"
  3. "The April's mother makes better apple pie than our mothers do, said Lisa to Jane"

In the first version, Lisa doesn't by any means demis the Jane's mother, doesn't hurt her feelings. In the second Lisa does direct insult to Jane by saying that Jane's mother is not good baker. And in the third same thing, even when Lisa does try to be nicer by linking that both their mothers are not so good.

If you don't like the cultural rules and laws, do not go there. If you are required to go there, you need to change your attitude, your believes, and do as they do.

Do not expect them to change for you, it is you who is need to change.

Of course, that's the key.

If you do not want to change for the time period you visit other country, do not leave your country.

If someone has opinion that you can have two harvests in a season, they are wrongly having that expectation in a country that has only one harvest in a season because climate differences.

So which one should change, that someone, or the country?

If someone can lift 85 kg, but other can lift 135 kg, why is the other required to try to lift more than they can?

Eventually you come to other differences, like the wage for the time, capability etc. Like should the one who can lift 135 kg be paid more than one who can lift only 85 kg?

I know I can't change your view that you can't change mine, so respectfully I just stop it here.

Anyone with good arguments could change my point of view. But nobody can change the fact that I have a point of view.

See the difference?

Anyway, one my favirote quote (from Heraclitus), and the one I pass to my children, is :

"The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change".

You and I will change, that's a fact

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