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Re: Respect

New Day Rising wrote:

Tommi K1 wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

Cross format talking wouln't be a problem if done respectfully.

And being polite or with good manners doesn't mean respect.

Respect includes that you honor other decision and will to stay in own place.

M4/3 has its own room, it is this.

This thread is actually about comments on articles in the News section of the site, not the m4/3 forum. You don't get to dictate what people can write in a common area like the News section (you also don't get to dictate who is entitled to post in this forum either, but that is another issue).

I am not dictating anything. You are now.

This thread is in the m4/3 forum about the m4/3 forum members behavior, not in the Open Talk forum. So I take the point to discuss it from the m4/3 forum perspective and its relation to whole DPR forums.

Don't try to dictate that this is the place to talk about News Forum. As if you can't notice, Pixnat2 wrote about cross format talking, in here. Not in the news section. I replied to the insecurities some people have, not about news section. The OP is about what the m4/3 community (1041 forum members) can do about their behavior in DPR overall.

As you don't even understand that "News forum" is not general forum, it is dedicated for news (and rumors?). The "Open Talk" is the only general forum about photography and photography equipment, if there is no more corresponding one for that.

Open Talk: "Welcome to the Open Talk Forum, the place for threads related to digital photography. Threads unrelated to digital photography are not allowed here."

Micro Four Thirds: "Welcome to the Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum, the place to discuss Micro Four Thirds models such as the Panasonic GF, GH, GX & G series and the Olympus Pen and OM-D series."

Where in the lateral one you see this is place to discuss about other formats, other systems, other brands than the m4/3 system itself?

Where in the first one you see it is place to talk about other than digital photography overall?

If you go to front page and you open an article or news, then that comment section is dedicated to that article and news. Nothing else. You don't go there argue with anything else than in the topic of that article and news. If news is about Fuji, you stick to the Fuji. If the news is about Canon new sensor, then you stick in that. If the news is about new software, you stick in that.

It is super easy, nothing to dictate like you try.

If someone wants to get cross format talking, that is why "Open Forum" is for. That is the "lobby for all rooms" and it is disrespectful to start preaching about other formats there, but it would be respectful to give a link to other forum where the corresponding format/system discussion is going. And if it is general cross topic one, direct it to open talk.

Think it as religion. Muslims in one of the island, Hinds in their own, Christians in own, Jews at their own and etc.

Yet, inexplicably, some societies have functioned perfectly well for hundreds and hundreds of years with people of different religions coexisting peacefully and respectfully.

Yes, and there are conflicts too, there are challenges in everyday situations etc. Then storms raises when times changes.

You don't go to others island to preach how their religion is bad or how it is different from others. No, you stay away from others. You respect their religion, their rules, their manners and ways of life when you visit other islands.

Try telling that to missionaries, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses.

You can actually tell that to them. Just don't be rude, and state that you have so strong believe that you are not going to change it. They will leave you alone.

But there is need for a open island where everyone is welcomed. But not to argue, fight and bash. Polite discussion, logical arguments, sharing view points. But not to convert anyone, not to preach own, not to put down others etc.

But there needs to be as well a some small place where people can go to argue, relief themselves, test themselves and others. IT IS LIKE A FIGHT CLUB. There are rules not to kill, not to permanently injure, other than lose face or face, but only in there. What there is, is kept there and not carried over to other places.

And that doesn't exist!

It did. It was called the Off Topic forum and had to be shut down because it was a cesspit of vile political, racial and religious vilification perpetrated by some members who are still sighted around here and others who have mercifully disappeared (one particularly foul and violent bigot, who even managed to outrage the other foul bigots, comes to mind).

No, it is not the "Off-Topic". That is Off-Topic forum. What I am recommending is "Camera gear arguments" forum.

The "Off-Topic" allows all kind threads that doesn't match any other forum. The "Camera gear arguments" forum disallows anything else than arguments about camera gear.

A specified forum for arguments of cameras.

DPR should create a new forum, just for arguments. It is strictly moderated for personal attacks, but the you can within rules are as much you want about is blue dress or white dress, is 245mm² better than x⅔ or is it better to have old brand or new brand, is f/2 a f/2 or does ratio of two element change of third value is changed that ratio doesn't include?

And if someone wants to make remarks about someone, better do it private message or not so at all.

Those discussions, when constructive, are very helpful for a lot of people.

Constructive is never negative, it is always positive. It is never about "this is bad, that is better". It is not never pointing out how something else is better than what someone else has now. It is not about explaining something and stating "but these are just the facts, look it is science"

You need to think about your own posting style, Tommi. A DPR reviewer just has to state a fact like "The E-M1X has a smaller sensor than the D5" and you start wailing about m4/3 bashing.

You need to think itself what you are writing, as I collected the facts about that in the post in one thread that whole thing got deleted because well known people started personal attacks.

There is a difference to tell someone how to improve their results, than it is to tell them that the someone else does it better.

Just dreaming ...

Yes, but moderators so not want to make a such dedicated "fight club" forum. So everyone suffers. Themselves too.

The moderators and admins (and DPR management no doubt) suffered more when the Off Topic fight club was in operation. There would be a lot less self-induced "suffering" around here if some people were less defensive, paranoid and emotionally attached to their plastic, metal and glass idols.

You are again totally wrong base there, as that is not about "Off-Topic" forum at all. Off-Topic forum and "Open Talk" forum are opposite sides of the coin. The other is about digital photography (one can say film or other kind than digital photography is disallowed) while the "Off-Topic" is about anything else than the digital photography.

So same coin, opposite sides.

There would be lot less problems if the people who want to talk about other formats and brands, would go to their corresponding forum and leave the other systems and formats users along themselves.

If you want to talk about FF, go to the corresponding brand and system. If you want to talk about m4/3, welcome here.

If you want to argue about sensor sizes, welcome to go to science forum if the argument of camera gear forum doesn't exist.

And people should stop trying to be so extremely literal and pixel peepers.

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