My D500 shoots 11+ fps

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buffer and 11 is not 11

First, do you realise that first you shoot to the buffer and then the writing is started and buffer is cleared as you keep shooting but the sensor burst goes directly to the buffer at the camera speed until you fill it up? So card dependence in the first 26-40 shots (depending on your setting) should not be a thing.

Secondly, what times do you acutally subtract? Because if you take a burst of 11 shots and subtract the write time of the 1st one from the 11th one, you are actually counting 10 shots. Because the first's time is the starting time for the 2nd shot. So if you get around 1 second, this is actually correct, because it is 10 shots per second. The first one is written at 0,1 and the 11th at 1,1.

Could you take another experiment?

Check your buffer depth on your current setting, it should be something like r27 or r34 or something like that.

Still, while you get to 27th shot, your camera should have already cleared about 5-10 of them from the buffer to the card. You will see r27 dropping quickly and then actually slowing the countdown down or if the card is fast enough, actually stopping at r10 or something like that, until you reach the buffer limit set in your camera (typically 100 or 200 shots). So shoot a burst until you actually see the buffer drop to r05 and stop. Throw away the first two shots (the camera waking up, looking around, stretching on the track, looking for the running shoes...). Subtract the times recorded in the 3rd and n-th shot and divide by n-3 (n minus the two you threw away and minus the first of the burst which would be the starting time actually).

What do you get now?

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