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Re: Or, Let’s "KISS"

"Keep It Simple Stupid" (a generalized cliche that is not directed at anyone ... but me!)

Open an image which was shot in continuous in View NX-i or Capture NX-D and note the last 2 digits in "Date Shot" ... say it's 05 ... cycle to the next image ... it should be 15, then 25 etc. ... 10 one hundredths of a second between each shot. That would be ten frames per second ... right? You don't even need to see more than two or three images to determine that! ...

But in reality it is not quite that simple, because my D500 at least, does vary some. I shoot a lot of tennis, and the bursts are usually between 4 and 7 shots with an occasional "chase down" sequence that can be more than 20. Sometimes I see a consistent 10/100 between shots, but more often they vary by -1 or -2 to +1 or +2 hundredths.  But generally speaking it averages to 10/100 each shot. That's my case, anyway, and I'm satisfied that my 3+ year old D500 is shooting to the spec Nikon claims.

To be shooting 11 FPS it would have to average 9/100 between shots.  Because I see a variance, I don't doubt there could be some cameras that are doing that.  Whatever condition that makes the numbers vary could simply be consistently -1, -2, 0 or +1, in a sequence that would average 9/100 per shot.

I have always looked at that "Date Shot" line and been satisfied I'm getting 10 FPS. But at the same time, I have always observed a variation. It never concerned me. Should any of us care about plus or minus a hundredth of a second? ... I don't think so. Do I need 11FPS ... uh, that would be 10% more images to go through.  Maybe in a weekend I would catch a couple more balls on the racket.  But is it worth trudging through two or three hundred more images?  Naa ... I'm good.


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