How does one stack lunar image?

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Lyle Aldridge Senior Member • Posts: 1,102
Don't give up too quickly

I wouldn't advise the OP to give up on his current HS50EXR. It's obviously far from ideal, and don't think he's likely to achieve the equal of that image Swims posted above, but this 2013 Fujifilm forum thread, "can you do astrophotography with a hs50 exr? " contains at least one far better image than what he has shown us so far. It's way over-sharpened, but I don't think it ever looked like the image in the OP. There are also some decent examples on Flikr, here, and here.  If I'm reading his profile correctly, those are by the same person ("Orion 12" here) who responded to that thread.

I think the OP just really needs to work on stability and nailing focus.

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