My D500 shoots 11+ fps

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xGumbyx wrote:

The timer starts when you depress the shutter button, not when the first image is captured. Your first image is not zero for time, it is 0.952 or whatever it was.

If you want to use a stopwatch like you are to measure the time it takes for 11 frames to happen then you must take 12 frames and the first images is image 0 and time 0. Counting up from there gives you only 10 frames when the clock hits 1 second.

I understood what you said. However, hear me out please. Let's say, I pressed the shutter while stopwatch is running already and took 15-20 frames burst. Then on my computer I calculate time period between frame #2 and 12 or # 5 and #15, whatever, which is equal to 0.954 sec. (0.981-0.982 sec. with Lexar XQD card) and associated with eleven (11) not virtual fps. but real images.

Probably my OP title is slightly deceiving and incorrect. Actually I don't care about fps. at all. However, I like the fact that my camera at some point is able to document 11 RAW images during less than 1 sec. period of time even, if the very first shot, associated with shutter press is out of scope. Makes sense? And in real life I mostly shoot at least twice shorter bursts.

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