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My guess is that many FF camera users have a nagging insecurity that a smaller and generally less expensive format can perform so well which makes their investment look silly.

Everyone is insecure. We all want to feel like we've bought the best that our money can buy.

Do we?

I often purposely buy things that are "inferior" to something else, not because price, but because I am interested to try new things, test things and simple curiosity that what value does something offer as it's purpose.

Like I purchased E-P2 and original 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 as I wanted to know what kind quality 12 Mpix 4/3" sensors can offer and how does the camera handle by is software, is logic, its design etc.

For same reason I purchased E-M5 and 12-50mm to company it. But that had as well a collector value for me, the original OM-D.

After 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO I wanted to know how does the R variant differ from it. And then 17mm f/2.8 as it got so much negativity.

I purchased Sony A7r II used as friend claimed that m4/3 can't do so well as the Sony and she was going to dump Canon for Sony. She got to use it for our week trip and then compare results that we both took on same places, only to find herself to buy m4/3 instead.

If I would be insecure, I wouldn't use m4/3, instead I would use something that others want and admire. And nothing in the camera market is such a thing like a "Full Frame" is.

But one and you are going to get amazing photographs as the full frame takes so amazing photos. You have so wide dynamic range that you can recover shadows or highlights like no other system. You get more bang to your money compared to medium format. The full frame is the standard, hence crop factor 1x. The most advanced technology is in the Sony full frame sensors and full frame lenses are sharpest that you can get, they cut your paper when printing. The full frame has tons of resolution so you are not limited in cropping. The Sony full frame allows you to use any legacy lens so you get great budget savings there. When you get full frame no one is going to say that you take bad photographs because you have best format there is. Remember, it is 864mm²!

Or how about being rational. Check that what are your requirements for camera settings, your use of ISO, F-stop and shutter speed. What kind a output you do, what are the requirements there.

Analyze all that, what proportion of the photos are impossible, difficult, challenging, easy, not a problem, with different formats?

What field of view, DOF and shutter speed you can have with a given system?

Build a few setups that you do require from all systems you could use. Compare setups weight, size, price, cost of service, service times, spare and rent availability etc.

Finally, take the gear for real tests, do comparisons not in sake of comparison but for production of the final image. Produce the final images and compare those. And do that as well by using third party opinions on blind tests.

If you don't have camera with you, or the lens with you, you can't take photos you want. If you can't service the tools, you can lose more money that you put to buy it. If you, or almost no one else can't spot the difference in image quality, does it matter?

And in the end, I'll add :

Enjoy your chosen system and respect other people's choices.

If someone choses FF, respect it.

If someone choses m43, respect it.


I just use both M43 and FF as well as my cell phone. All do a great job when the format suits the photo or even when it does not.

Agree. I use 3 systems plus sometimes my phone, and enjoy this diversity. All give me different opportunities to take photos, and I find this very stimulating 😊

Visual skills are usually the biggest problem with pictures I see on forums like this.

Yup. It's mainly  focused on gear, not skills.

But from time to time there are some very skilled people who post awesome pictures too, hopefully.

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