GR3 and infrared filter = Win !

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Re: GR3 and infrared filter = Win !

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Sorry for the potentially stupid question, were these taken with the wide angle lens adapter + filter screwed in or just free holding the filter in front of the lens? They came out really well!

+1 on this question, I would want to make sure to buy the right filter.

Couldn't wait, and since I already have the lens adapter, I just ordered Hoya r72 @ 49mm. We'll see how that works.

Hey, sorry for the dumb question but which lens adapter do you use to make the 49mm filter fit? I can only find the adapter for the wide angle lens - but that's not the one, right?

Lens Adapter GA-1 lets you use 49mm filters and the WA lens

And if you need extra protection, also good with a lens cap to seal things up better.


As he said. GA-1 has 49mm filter thread, that will accept any standard filter, as well as GW-4 wide conversion lens. I used it before for CPL filter. It does provide some extra seal against dust, but it also makes camera no longer pocketable.

Quick and dirty picture from my phone to demonstrate with filter in the thread.

The only thing you can't do is use filter with the wide angle lens. The lens has its own filter thread  (72mm), but the manual warns that putting any filter on it will result in vignetting and I believe from my experience that is true.

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