Need information on your thoughts, V2 and 10 100 lens.

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V2 with 10-100 (non-PD) lens is extremely good choice

If weight is that much a concern, there's not much better choice than a V2 with 10-100 lens. I used mine extensively back around 2013, when I was shooting a 14mp V2 alongside 12mp D300 and 12mp D700.

In 2013 I bought a D800e, and most of my photography switched to using that camera and cropping instead of the V2, which I had been using a lot for wildlife.

Here are some shots with the V1 and 70-200 or V1 and 300F4, including shots from the Phoenix zoo:

I started using the V2 with 10-100 as a 'filler' system

Here is the zoo trip, and you can see the size of the gear in some of the shots:

Later in 2013 I went on a 3-week trip to Europe, including a Mediterranean cruise. Such cruises have the characteristic on long, walking shore excursions. Maybe a 2-hour bus trip (to Florence) followed by hours of hiking around. Same with Capri/Pompeii. Or getting to Rome and hiking around the forum and the coliseum.

Since I would be walking a lot, I had to reduce the camera load to what I would be able and willing to carry all day, which I think was when I came up with my waist bag - DLSR and 3 zooms. To that load I added a V2, 10-100, 6.7-13 and small flash. The weight of the camera and both lenses and flash was less than a lens for the D800e. The 10-100 covered the wide end when I had the 80-400g mounted on the D800e, The 10-100 covered the long end when I had the 16-25 or 24-70 mounted. In some cases (bus tour up Mt Etna) I used its fast autofocus to get some shots out front windows. It's a very versatile system.

For wildlife, using the FT-1 adapter shows some flaws. First, you only get one centered, overly-large focus point. For another, VR is always on if the camera is on. (Leads to rapid battery reduction). The cure to that is simple, but expensive - the 70-300CX. a long zoom (2.7x crop factor) with excellent optical performance and all autofocus points.

My Europe trip pics are here:

EXIF data should be intact on the non-thumbnail shots, but I don't otherwise identify which shot came from which camera.   On that trip I took both V1 and V2 and loaned to the V1 to one of our traveling companions.

There are two issues that caused me problems with the V2.

1. Lack of dynamic range and issues related to the small sensor size.  (Blown highlights, blocked shadows).

2. User Interface.  The off-on switch in particular.  It is exactly where the zoom lever is on the Canon point-n-shoots I used for 10+ years, and I constantly turned the camera off when meaning to zoom in.   And a third issue is how slow the camera turns on, like every mirrorless camera.   It takes a second or two to be ready, which can be the kiss of death if you turn it off at the height of action.

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