Having my first child, what is a solid but affordable upgrade from my X100?

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Re: when it comes to CHILD photo, don't settle for SLOW camear

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2) the camera is sloooow. It’s been okay for vacation shots when traveling with my wife, but only barely. AF is especially awful in low light.

Dude I hear you. You don't get a 2nd chance for 1st impression, nor do you get 2nd chance for shooting your 1st born. AF speed is worth its premium in GOLD in child photography. Don't settle for SLOW camera, just because it is romantic to do so. You should be willing to pay a premium for Fastest AF camera you can buy.

I would choose $899 XT-30 > better egronimc XT-2 because AF acquistion speed is faster with less hesistaiton. Likewise, I would also choose it over the expensive X-H1 because XT-30 with its quad-core cpu just focus faster.

So yeah, with a small kid soon to be crawling around, I feel like the X100 is probably not gonna cut it. However, budget is tight and I want to stay under $800.

No, X100 won't cut it, and Fuji XT-30 is just $799

Newborns however are not known for their blistering speeds. It will be a while before they start crawling and then walking.

I was wondering that also... as long as I set my shutter speed high I can photograph my cats pretty easy, which are faster than kids.

I'm not doubting that the x100 wouldn't cut it... but the 2nd gen cams should be mostly fine.

Even the first gen x100 will get the majority of shots if it’s not moving around action that you’re capturing. It’s also not like that you’ll be hoping to shoot everything at F2 anyway. Later on in the infant’s/toddler’s life camera speed will become an issue for sure.

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