My D500 shoots 11+ fps

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Re: Let’s be practical

Greyser wrote:

briantilley wrote:

Greyser wrote:

I had no intention to reveal absolute truth. I don’t care what is average fps. derived from longer bursts are. Nobody shoots 20-30 frames in the row. Not me at least. I don’t care about calibrated measuring tools, validated test methods, proper methodology and scientific nuances of data collection (I’m mechanical engineer, and I hold Ph.D. in Material Science, BTW). However, what I see is very simple and practical for me as a birder. Every time when I randomly picked up 11 frames from the longer bursts I shot they corresponded to less than one second time spent. It means that every time when I shoot my common bursts of 5-7 frames of 14-bit, compressed (if I remember correctly), RAW data, my D500 frame rate is higher than per spec. which is a pleasant surprise for me. I humbly put it as 11+ fps, but it does not matter actually how to define it: 10+ or 11- 😊 The results came out non-intentionally as a byproduct of D850 grip extra fps. evaluation. I just wanted to share my findings with other D500 users.

You're right that it doesn't really matter for everyday use - but your original post seemed to suggest that you were happy that your D500 exceeded the manufacturer's rating. Hopefully, my earlier post explained why that isn't the case

There is your referenced post:

OK, so the 11th frame was timed at 0.954 seconds after the first. Over a long period, that's a rate of 10 frames in every 0.954 seconds, not 11 - which converts to 10.482 fps, not "11+" fps.

Again as a real user I do not care about "over long time period" calculations. What I know for the fact that my every 11-frame burst shows less than 1 sec period of time. To me with my shooting habits it is 11+ fps.

I'm not questioning your measurements, just the inferences you draw from them

Your camera (as explained) appears to be shooting at 10.48 fps.

If you take the first frame as the start of the timing period, you will alway see the 11th frame occuring before a second has elapsed, but that does not mean that you are getting "11+" fps.

Let's try to simplify things - imagine that a camera is set up to shoot one frame every 0.95 seconds.  That's about 1.05 fps - agreed?  With your method, you'd see two frames occurring within the one-second timing window, but hopefully you wouldn't infer that your camera was shooting at 2 fps.  Would you...?

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