archiving, digital vs. film

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Re: archiving, digital vs. film

Floyd Kessler wrote:

I have over 2800 slides from European trips back to 1980. I am now
in the process of removing them 4 at a time from the carousels and
copying them in a film/slide scanner. The biggest problem is
remembering the locale and/or subject to title them.

I started trying to 'name' my slides as I scanned them in. Then I realized that there is a better way.

I scanned all the slides from a single tray into one folder and named that folder the same as the slide tray (France 1976 Tray 1). I just let the scanner assign a unique number.

Then I used a organizing/database program (Thumbsplus) to add keywords that let me find my images. An entire folder can be tagged with general words such as '1976' and 'France'. Then as I have time I can go back and add keywords for individual images.

After this the individual names become irrelevant. If I want to see water lilies, I can see them only from Thailand, all of the world, only the ones I shot in 1986, etc.

I also wrapped the slides from a single tray in paper and labeled the paper packages, got rid of the trays, and gained a closet.

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