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Re: D500 > A6400 for Wildlife

snapa wrote:

Boss of Sony wrote:

chile7236 wrote:

those are some nice shots but I wouldn't move from the D500 (or D7500) to M4/3 for those kind of results...

How about these?







You need to change your name to Boss of mFT and stop trolling the Sony forum in favor of mFT cameras. If you like them so much, why are you trying to make people in this forum want to change to mFT cameras? It looks like that is all you are trying to do, you troll.

BTW, none of those pictures are as good as the Sony APS-C cameras can take with the 70-300G or 100-400GM. Mostly because of the smaller, outated, inferior 16 or 20MP sensors. Give it up while you are behind, and stop making yourself look bad.

I've seen this "outdated, inferior" sensor comment several times on this forum. As an owner of the a6400 and the Olympus EM1 Mark ii, this "outdated, inferior" comment strikes me as uninformed and emotionally driven. If anything, I'm disappointed that my a6400 doesn't outclass my EM1ii by a much greater margin. It is very slightly better than my EM1ii.  Go check the DXO sensor ratings, the a6400 earned an overall score of 83 while the EM1ii from 2016 has a score of 80. That's really shockingly close given the size difference in the sensors and the age of the EM1ii. If you don't like DXO, then do like me and use both regularly so you have first hand knowledge. There really isn't that much difference between them. The biggest differences are better tracking AF on the a6400 while the EM1ii has great IBIS and much less rolling shutter. The rolling shutter on my a6400 is absolutely horrible compared to the EM1ii.  The EM1ii has a much better body if we want to compare ergonomics.  For my  uses, the terrible rolling shutter doesn't bother me all that much, but it is quite noticeable.   The less ergonomic body of the a6400 doesn't really bother me all that much either, but the EM1ii body is much nicer.

I like both cameras a lot, they are both excellent. I'm left shaking my head every time I see someone try to put down all of m4/3rds as "outdated" when the newest Sony APS-C camera really doesn't offer much better sensor performance than the smaller sensor on the much older EM1ii and older G9.   If the EM1ii is outdated, then all current Sony APS-C is also outdated.  The a6400 is cheaper, though, and the f/1.8 50mm e-mount is a bargain. If you start getting into telephoto, the m4/3 lenses can be much cheaper due to the cropped field of view.

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