My D500 shoots 11+ fps

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Let’s be practical

I had no intention to reveal absolute truth. I don’t care what is average fps. derived from longer bursts are. Nobody shoots 20-30 frames in the row. Not me at least. I don’t care about calibrated measuring tools, validated test methods, proper methodology and scientific nuances of data collection (I’m mechanical engineer, and I hold Ph.D. in Material Science, BTW). However, what I see is very simple and practical for me as a birder. Every time when I randomly picked up 11 frames from the longer bursts I shot they corresponded to less than one second time spent. It means that every time when I shoot my common bursts of 5-7 frames of 14-bit, compressed (if I remember correctly), RAW data, my D500 frame rate is higher than per spec. which is a pleasant surprise for me. I humbly put it as 11+ fps, but it does not matter actually how to define it: 10+ or 11- 😊 The results came out non-intentionally as a byproduct of D850 grip extra fps. evaluation. I just wanted to share my findings with other D500 users.

Happy shooting everyone,


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